Cowboys Huddle-Up: 'Radio Jerry' Unleashed

Jerry Jones' weekly appearances on 105.3 The Fan are 'radio gold.' Inside, the Cowboys owner dishes with 'Shan & RJ' on Romo, the defensive line, Orton, Josh Brent and Dez:

Below, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones unleashes himself on 105.3 The Fan, as he does every week, with "Shan & RJ''. By the way, this piece is brought to you by "The Ultimate Tailgate Bash'' in Arlington ... the pregame party that last week featured YOU and Larry Allen, Drew Pearson, Jay Novacek and Charles Haley! Click that link and join this party!
ON TONY ROMO: "Yes, I think you will physically, you'll see. You'll also see an improved player relative to the experience and time that he's spent with his new coordinator. This is a real successful match-up, and I think these guys are going to be pretty effective with the way they work together. Tony basically said, 'He's thinking of it before I do.' And that's something because Tony has a lot of thoughts as he basically plays the ball game. He stays out ahead of it pretty good. We're going to be very pleased with that combination."

ON THE DEFENSIVE LINE: "I'd like to have seen more of Melton. I'd like to have seen more of [Terrell] McClain. I like the fact they're both healthy though. So, I would rather have them healthy than have seen more of them and have one of them nicked up. Certainly thought that Selvie is Selvie -- picked up where he left off last year. Looks like his shoulder is going to be well enough for him to go. And Mincey came in and showed us that we're going to have some of the things that he does the best. We're going to have a real good right end there. I liked some of our young guys. I didn't know that going into training camp about Coleman. He's been pretty impressive. Ken Bishop has as well. We didn't know Crawford about how he would come back off of his Achilles. He's really, really had a fine two-a-days and a fine fall and I think he'll be everything that we had hoped he would be coming back off that injury. Now, again, I thought Spencer -- he's not going to be available for us for San Francisco. I thought Spencer gives us a lot of hope because he's further along than we thought. We're going to see. We're obviously going to have him on our active roster. So, as we were going into training camp, would have liked to have seen more of two, possibly three, of these guys but we've got them healthy. Lawrence was a setback. If you could draw it up the way you wanted it, you'd have Lawrence out there pushing for the job or certainly in there on your pass rush. But that didn't happen, and that's a setback."
ON KYLE ORTON: "It really didn't surprise me (that Orton returned to football in Buffalo after snaking out of Dallas) because right at the end of our -- right when we started camp, Kyle basically came to Dallas and expressed an interest in playing. But we had decided to go in a different direction. We liked everything Weeden was doing. And so it gave us a good chance to take a player who has a chance to help us many years into the future. Since we were missing a second quarterback, we thought that getting Weeden some experience, you could get him to where Orton is pretty quick."

ON JOSH BRENT: "I have an indication (about the commissioner's reinstatement decision on Brent), but I'm not at liberty to talk about when. I certainly have had indication he'll be reinstated, but the commission on matters of league punishment moves at his own rate."

For your audio convenience, listen here for the entire visit.

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THE FINAL WORD: "There's no one more focused ... than Dez Bryant. ... You're not going to see a distraction." - Jerry on contract extension talks with Dez.

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