Cowboys Huddle-Up: Sam Deal Done; No Circus?

IRVING - Our Wednesday morning one-click wrap-up of what's just happened ... and what's about to happen inside Valley Ranch. Pull up a comfortable chair for The Circus That Needn't Be as CowboysHQ is reporting that the Michael Sam deal is done:

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THE CIRCUS THAT NEEDN'T BE: This doesn't need to be all about football. It can be a marketing ploy, too. Hell, it can even be the result of a news-managing conspiracy of sorts.

But that doesn't mean Michael Sam coming to Dallas needs to be a circus. Oh, and he is coming. CowboysHQ reports on Wednesday morning that Sam has been signed, will wear No. 46, and will replace Will Smith on the Dallas practice squad.

Michael Sam did not earn a draft-worthy grade from the Dallas Cowboys personnel department as he slid to being a St. Louis Rams seventh-round pick and then was a late cut by the Rams.

But the on-field accomplishments of Sam mean he may end up overcoming that bad grade for a team desperate for pass-rush help.

At Missouri a season ago, Sam was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. There has been speculation that Sam was being blackballed by some of the NFL due to his sexuality. In Dallas that can become a non-issue if he earns a chance to develop.

A "circus''? That's what everybody says, that's what everybody is afraid of. But was there a circus in St. Louis (short of Jossina Anderson poking her head into the shower)? Does the signing of the 63rd body to a 53-man team merit a circus? Aren't we more grown-up than that? Aren't the Cowboys?

I believe that's part of the reason why Jerry Jones phoned key players about the Sam transaction, as CowboysHQ reported yesterday: He wasn't taking a vote. This isn't a frat-house membership drive. The message needs to be managed here. Dallas team leaders can help Jones do that.

And we can do our parts, too, in preventing this from being a circus ... by not treating those involved like clowns with red noses and animals on parade.

10 FOR JOSH BRENT: Erstwhile Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is back. Soon. The details of the deal are here ... Mixed into this is agent Peter Schaffer planning an appeal because the penalty is so harsh ...

Two things here from me: One, I have understanding of Dallas' position on Brent if only based on bonding. You will too if you read "Aikman, Irvin, Brent and The Brotherhood.''

And two: I guess we appeal every ruling. It's the American Way or whatever. But Brent has little right to complain about his fate given that he's actually lucky to be alive.

NOW TO THE GRASSY KNOLL: The timing is ... amazingly coincidental.

I have four theories regarding the flip-flip of the Cowboys on Michael Sam -- along with the companion Brent-is-back news. Know that on Monday morning the personnel department still wasn't giving him a passing grade, a draft-able grade.

What changed? Again, four theories:

1) Jerry said, "Let's sell us some T-shirts.''

2) Ownership marched down to scouting and said, "We really need defensive line help ... What's the hurt?''

3) This scouting department looked at one more tape and said, to its own amazement, "Oh my gosh we were wrong! He's great!

4) And finally, the conspiracy theories: Either 4A) the Cowboys decided to soften the Josh Brent news with a bigger headline grabber. Or 4B) the commissioner and Jerry conspired to let Brent come back (which makes the league look bad) as long as the Cowboys also opened the doors to Michael Sam(which makes the league look good).

I'm not generally much of a conspiracy theorists. But more than a few smart brains have advised me to examine 4A and 4B further. So I will.

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THE FINAL WORD: “I’m excited to be a Cowboy, it’s great to be heading home. It has all happened so quickly, but it’s exciting, I just wanna get back to playing football you know.” - Michael Sam, to the Daily Mail.

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