Cowboys Dez Audio: Explaining 'Prom Night'

IRVING - Dez Bryant is young enough to have attended his own high-school prom in recent years. But attending a prom on the Saturday night before the Saints game? Dez himself laughs as he explains to me what happened. And you can hear the audio for yourself, along with quickie Wednesday morning notes:

The Big Lead
Dez Bryant attending a high-school prom? Sure.

"I been to three in my time,'' the Dallas Cowboys star tells me.

All three of those were back in high school, not on Saturday night in Grapevine, when TMZ playfully reports that Bryant "crashed'' a prom.

The real story? Dez explains to CowboysHQ, as you hear here.


They were having their prom at the same hotel where we had our meetings (at the Gaylord) and they caught me, and wanted to take a picture,'' Dez says. "That's all it was, I took a picture.''

So no high-school horseplay at all, just a warm response to Texas kids throwing up the X?

"I didn't dance,'' Dez laughs. "I was nowhere near, in any shape or form, out there dancing with those kids. It was fun. I made their day. And fans always make my day. Just to show the love, and that's what they did. I had a great time with it.''

Onside Kicks

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