Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast: Camp Week 1

Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast: Cowboys Week 1: As always, there's a lot happening with the Cowboys! They've signed a player to a mammoth deal, they've lost another star and there are questions about the QB. Join me inside!

As always, there's a lot happening with the Dallas Cowboys ... This is the life at Camp Cowboys!

I'm your host, KD Drummond, as we jump into the new $110 million contract for LT Tyron Smith ... and make sure you look around CowboysHQ for the rest of our coverage of that big story ...

Akso, we dish the dirt on the impact of the foot injury for rookie DE Demarcus Lawrence. Why isn't Tony Romo practicing more? When will Dez Bryant see his new deal get inked? We take a look at the pressing issues in this Cowboys Crunchtime Quickie!

Tune in and get yourself up to speed on all things happening in Oxnard.

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