Cowboys Holloman To Coach At South Carolina

DeVonte Holloman told the media on Monday that playing for the Cowboys for one year is 'a dream fulfilled.' But he's adding another chapter in a visit with CowboysHQ, revealing that he's made a decision on his future in football.

It was only one year. And its ending seems sad. But Devonte Holloman calls his experience with the Dallas Cowboys a "dream fulfilled.'' And he seems to busy getting on with life to spend much time feeling sorry for himself.

“I got to be out here for a year and play against guys I watched on TV and play with guys that I watched,'' said Holloman, who has a spinal-cord condition that means playing on risks paralysis. hit after sustaining an injuI learned a lot over this year.”

He's apparently learned enough to make the immediate jump into coaching. On Monday night, Holloman revealed to that he's accepting a GA position back at South Carolina, where he will coach linebackers while working toward his Master's Degree.
Holloman explained his calm demeanor over the end of a promising career by noting that he experienced a similar injury a year ago and that when his "arms locked up'' in a preseason game this summer, "I knew it was the same injury from last year. ... It was scary for me, and just frustrating ... (But) I was told last year if it happened again, that might be the end. In the back of my mind, I kind of knew what was getting ready to happen, so I had plenty of time to prepare myself.”

Holloman said when he watched the Cowboys-Dolphins game with his daughter Brooklyn and girlfriend Angie and felt "jittery.''

“It’ll be hard (to be an observer), but I’m still rooting for all these guys out here,” Holloman said. “And I’m a Cowboys fan for life.”

And now DeVonte Holloman starts a new football life. As a coach.

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