Cowboys Scandrick: 'Pissed' ... About What?

IRVING - There seems to be some controversy about Orlando Scandrick comments made to me in regard to him being 'pissed' ... about something after the 34-31 win at St. Louis. Listen to my question, and his answer, and with context, judge for yourself:

The Dallas Cowboys secured a 34-31 win on Sunday in St. Louis after having trailed the Rams by three touchdowns in the early going. The mood in the postgame locker room and on the plane ride home was best expressed by embattled cornerback Mo Claiborne, who said, "Happy ... and relieved.''

When he said it, running mate Brandon Carr looked up from his locker-stall chair, caught Mo's eye, and shared a facial expression that stressed the "relief'' part.

But there is one more cornerback in this mix, the cornerback who was the team's best in 2013 and in training camp as well, before he popped a Molly (a party drug) that in the end caused him to miss the first two games of the Dallas season. By the end of the Rams game, Carr had played 72 of the game's 76 defensive snaps (and to my eyes hadn't given up a completion). Mo had played 53 snaps and to my eyes, was victimized with ease by the Rams ... until his interception with 62 seconds remaining in the game sealed the deal.

And Scandrick, in his first game back, played 51 snaps.

Not enough, to him.

First, read Scandrick's response to my question in print. ... and recognize that he would've preferred to play 510 snaps, or 5,100, or 51,000:

“I was pissed, man,'' Orlando told me. "I was pissed. I felt like, when I came back, I was prepared to play every down. I felt like I did everything in my power to play every single down.”

“This game has some meaning behind it from me. It has a lot of meaning. I worked my ass off throughout this whole process, and when I came back, I wanted to show them that I was ready to play. I wanted to show them that I take it serious — that I prepared over those two weeks that I was off.”

Now listen to my question (and its context) and Scandrick's answer (and its context):

My question is very specifically about the edgy attitude he brings to a Dallas defense that is trying to avoid being beaten down by talk of it being "the 32nd-worst D in the NFL.'' His answer smartly, I think, surfs off my question and then becomes Orlando's own statement.

"I wanted to show them that I take it serious.''

The message has been sent. Orlando Scandrick isn't PISSED AT my question. He isn't PISSED AT Claiborne. He isn't PISSED AT Cowboys coaches. He's PISSED ABOUT not being allowed to contribute even more (something that could change going forward) and he's expressing himself in exactly the way my question frees him to express himself, even invites him to express himself.

Scandrick is "pissed'' because "pissed'' is the way he plays, "pissed'' is the way he acts, "pissed'' (phrased more in a more gentlemanly fashion by me as "bringing a certain edge and attitude'') because that is what my question was about and it's what all of his football life is essentially about.

Orlando Scandrick being "pissed'' is a story. If ever Orlando Scandrick doesn't play "pissed,'' it'd be an even bigger story.

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