Cowboys Friday Huddle-Up: What Are The Odds?

IRVING - The Cowboys team (barring a tie) will fly home Sunday night with either a 5-1 or 4-2 record. How have Dallas fared over history with either of those records? That research and insights from inside Valley Ranch here in Thursday's Cowboys Huddle-Up!

The Big Lead: What Are The Odds?

The Cowboys are currently 4-1 for the first time since 2008. On Sunday they take on the defending Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, in arguably the most difficult stadium to play in in the NFL. Barring a tie, this team will fly home with either a 5-1 or 4-2 record. Let's take a look at how Cowboys teams in the past have fared with either of those records.

The Cowboys have started with a 5-1 record 13 times in franchise history.

1966 - Lost the NFL championship game
1967 - Lost the NFL championship game
1975 - Lost the Super Bowl
1976 - Lost in the divisional round
1979 - Lost in the divisional round
1980 - Lost the NFC championship game
1982 - Lost the NFC championship game
1985 - Lost in the divisional round
1992 - Won the Super Bowl
1994 - Lost the NFC championship game
1995 - Won the Super Bowl
2003 - Lost in the wildcard round
2007 - Lost in the divisional round

When starting 5-1, the Cowboys have made the playoffs 100% of the time, winning at least one playoff game on 8 of those occasions, reaching the Super Bowl/NFL Championship game 6 times and winning the Super Bowl twice.

The Cowboys have started with a 4-2 record 15 times in franchise history.

1970 - Lost the Super Bowl
1971 - Won the Super Bowl
1972 - Lost the NFC Championship game
1973 - Lost the NFC Championship game
1978 - Lost the Super Bowl
1981 - Lost NFC Championship game
1984 - Did not make the playoffs
1986 - Did not make the playoffs
1991 - Lost in the divisional round
1993 - Won the Super Bowl
1998 - Lost in the wildcard round
1999 - Lost in the wildcard round
2005 - Did not make the playoffs
2008 - Did not make the playoffs
2009 - Lost in the divisional round

When starting 4-2, the Cowboys have made the playoffs all but 4 times, winning at least one playoff game on 9 occasions, reaching the NFC championship game 7 times, reaching the Super Bowl 4 times and winning the Super Bowl once.


As it stands now, the Cowboys have about an 86% chance of reaching the playoffs, based on their history. Losing to the Seahawks would decrease their odds to 73%, which are still pretty good odds. However, you can't get any better odds than the 100% success rate of Cowboys teams who start out 5-1. Regardless of the outcome of the game on Sunday, Cowboys fans have got to feel good that they're even able to have this conversation. I can't imagine many expected this team's odds to be that good before the season started.

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Onside Kicks

Fish get the distinct impression that no matter how specific Cowboys talks with DeMarco Murray have gotten, there is zero traction right now ... DeMarcus Lawrence worked on the sideline Wednesday and is expected to do the same today in anticipation of a full workload sometime after this week and a possible debut for the rookie end after Week 8 ... Cowboys staffers rave to us about the promise of end Michael Sam. The scouting department is happy to have been wrong about the practice-squadder, who is developing quicking into a 53-man prospect. ... The truth about Kyle Orton? Ed Werder had it right in saying Orton soured on dealing with a "Romo-friendly'' club, and his relationship with Romo did indeed sour. At the same time, it's worth noting that the two QBs were social pals -- but the friendship was overcome by the sourness. ... Want to be a Cowboys Insider with Premium coverage? Click here to take our free 7-day trial and then for 10 cents a day, you are among the most informed Cowboys followers on the planet! ... Dallas Cowboys management is playing this extremely close to the vest, but we're keeping our eye on the possibility of a contract extension for coach Jason Garrett. ... Hear "Fish on The Fan'' with live updates throughout the day from inside the team on The Cowboys Station, 105.3 The Fan.

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Achievable Milestones

Tony Romo can extend his streak of consecutive games with a TD pass to 33. That would also extend his NFL record of consecutive road games with a TD pass to 36.

Romo has thrown 2+ TD passes in 3 consecutive games. If he does so again on Sunday, it will match the 3rd longest streak of his career. The 2nd longest of his career is 6 straight games in 2007 and the longest streak of his career is 7 straight games in 2006-2007.

Romo currently has 10 career touchdown passes vs the Seahawks. He needs 2 just 2 more to give him more TD's vs Seattle than any other non-NFC East team. He has 11 career TD's vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With a win on Sunday, the Seahawks would become one of 3 non-division teams that Tony Romo has 4+ wins against. The other two teams are the Carolina Panthers (4-0) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-0).

DeMarco Murray can become one of 2 players in NFL history to rush for 100+ yards in 6 straight games to start a season. The other player was Browns RB Jim Brown, who did so in 1958. However, that won't be an easy task against Seattle. The most yards the Seahawks have given up to a RB this season is 38 to Denver's Montee Ball. The most rushing yards they've given up to an entire team this year is 101 to the San Diego Chargers. To make matters worse, the Seahawks have been even better against the run at home. In their last 16 home games, they've only allowed one RB to gain 100+ rushing yards.

DeMarco currently has 3,351 career rushing yards. He needs 133 rushing yards to pass Julius Jones for the 9th most in franchise history and 140 to pass Herschel Walker for 8th in team history.

Dez Bryant currently has 4,480 career receiving yards. He needs just 2 yards to pass Miles Austin for the 7th most in franchise history.

With a TD on Sunday, Dez Bryant will have caught a TD pass in 5 consecutive games, matching the 2nd longest streak of his career.

Dez Bryant is 15 catches shy of passing Jay Novacek for the 8th most receptions in franchise history (340).

Jason Witten needs 47 receiving yards to pass Shannon Sharpe for the 2nd most by a TE in NFL history and the 40th most by any player in NFL history.

A win on Sunday would give the Cowboys a 5 game winning streak, which would be the longest during his tenure as head coach and the first time the team has done so since 2007.

The Final Word


"He might be the best Dallas Cowboy of all time. Literally, his career has been exceptional. He's hit every mark you could ever have, and he's going to go down as the first- or second-greatest tight end of all time. I've just been lucky enough to play with him." - Tony Romo on Jason Witten.

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