Cowboys Wednesday Huddle-Up: Odds + Undies

IRVING - Based on history, Dallas at 6-1 has created a path to the playoffs ... Joseph Randle needs to reveal more than his underwear ... Stephen Jones on that dastardly sun ... Cowboys Wednesday Huddle-Up: Odds and Undies!

THE BIG LEAD: What are the odds?

Once again, it's time to look at the Dallas Cowboys playoff odds heading into the next game. They are currently 6-1 and will be taking on the 2-5 Redskins to either improve to 7-1 or 6-2, barring a tie of course. Let's take a look at the Cowboys history when they start a season with either of those records.

The Cowboys have started with a 7-1 record nine times in franchise history ...

1968 - Lost the conference championship game
1969 - Lost the conference championship game
1976 - Lost in the divisional round
1979 - Lost in the divisional round
1983 - Lost wild card round
1992 - Won the Super Bowl
1994 - Lost the NFC championship game
1995 - Won the Super Bowl
2007 - Lost in the divisional round

When starting 7-1, the Cowboys have made the playoffs 100 percent of the time, reached the conference championship game five times and reached/won the Super Bowl twice.

The Cowboys have started with a 6-2 record 10 times in franchise history ...

1966 - Lost the NFL championship game
1967 - Lost the NFL championship game
1972 - Lost the NFC championship game
1981 - Lost the NFC championship game
1982 - Lost the NFC championship game
1985 - Lost in the divisional round
1986 - Did not make the playoffs
1993 - Won the Super Bowl
2003 - Lost in the wild card round
2009 - Lost in the divisional round


When starting 6-2, the Cowboys have made the playoffs nine out of 10 times (90 percent), reached the conference championship game six times, reached the NFL championship game/Super Bowl three times and won the Super Bowl once.

It's getting to the point where it almost doesn't matter if they win or lose. There's not a huge difference between a 100-percent chance of making the playoffs and having a 90-percent chance, historically speaking, of course.


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said backup running back Joseph Randle is "certainly going to pay a high price for (shoplifting) some underwear and a demonstration bottle of cologne. That’ll set a record."

But in fact, while Randle is dealing with national humiliation and a fine FOX Sports Southwest is told nears $30,000 (approximately one game check), he comes across as an opportunist as an underwear company called "MeUndies" is signing him on an an endorser.

"Our statement on the partnership with Joseph Randle," the company announced. "Every mistake is a learning opportunity."

Well, it's also a marketing opportunity, because you've likely never heard of MeUndies before. And unless you are a passionate Cowboys fan, you likely couldn't ID Randle's mug shot - which is exactly how America now knows him after last week, when he was arrested for allegedly shoplifting a pack of underwear and a bottle of cologne at a Frisco Dillard’s department store.

Days later, Randle met the media and termed the incident "the worst mistake of my life." But it seems like less of an error now that MeUndies is involved, even as it says Randle will donate “upwards of $15,000 worth of underwear and basic apparel to children in the Dallas area.”


Randle, with a raised profile also in part due to Dallas' 6-1 start, said something vague to a DFW newspaper about how beyond the facts - the $39.50-pack of two black Polo underwear and the tester bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne valued at $84 and the arrangement with the drawers company -- the public is entitled to know no more.

“I don’t like to talk about my business,” Randle said.

Sorry, but your privacy is risked when you make $500,000 with the Cowboys, when your name appears on the crime blotter, and then when you become a "celebrity spokesperson," as "celebrity spokespersons" cannot have it both ways.

Does Randle have a undies deal that absorbs his $30K fine? Is the $15K donation coming from his pocket or his sponsors? Is there more money involved that will allow Randle to profit from his irresponsibility?

Joseph Randle would be wise to be more revealing here. And by "revealing," we're not talking about seeing his underwear.


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Is there some specific sense to Dallas' ascension to the top of the NFL heap? Our KD Drummond believes there is some science to the 6-1 start -- especially with one turnaround number in the Giants game.


We believe you can tell a lot about a man when he's discussing his favorite sports team being 6-1 but quickly turns his attention to bitching about the fact that on Sunday against the Giants there was sunlight streaming through the windows at AT&T Stadium.

Some people take sunlight and get a tan. Others take sunlight and bitch about it.

From Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones on the stadium:

"Well, it purposely wasn't (built) to go east to west. It was done to lay the best all-around in terms of functionality and the design of the land and what best fit the stadium. I think the only time we really have these east-west sun-setting issues are in the early fall on a 3-o'clock type game. So, you have one or two of those a year. Obviously, next week we'll be playing at night, and, you know, as you get later into the winter and the fall, then, you know, the intensity becomes less and it's really not an issue. So, you know, it's very few games it affects, but, you know, we've learned to deal with it from our team knowing that we're going to be having that at times. At some point, that becomes an advantage because we know how to deal with it.

You can read more from Stephen, Jerry and Jason on the State of the Cowboys here ... but permit us to say this one more time: If you obsess over sunlight, it says something unpleasant about you. If, instead, you are a Cowboys team that figures out how to use that stream of light to your advantage -- like the Red Sox learned to use the Green Monster, like the Broncos learned to use the altitude -- you have something to cheer about.



"Well, I don't have the issue. I know that it's not in any way meant to denigrate the Redskins or the Washington team or what it represents. It's like 'Cowboys' to me. I think we should all feel that way about it. It's a great part of the tradition of the league.'' Jerry Jones on the Washington mascot controversy.

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