Cowboys Molly-fied? Scandrick Ban Lifting?

IRVING - The latest from inside Valley Ranch on NFL talks that would alter the drug policy ... and maybe even alter Orlando Scandrick's availability for the Cowboys on Sunday:

“I’m not planning on it, let’s put it like that,’’ owner Jerry Jones said Friday morning on 105.3 The Fan.

"It" is the continuing saga of defensive back Orlando Scandrick.

Wisely, the Dallas Cowboys aren't planning on the bonus eligibility of Orlando Scandrick for Sunday's opener against the 49ers. There is preparation and game-planning to be done, and coaches busy with those tasks hate "ifs." But as the NFL and the Players Association negotiate toward a revision of the league’s drug policy, the Cowboys are certainly prepared for Scandrick's possible return.

On the negotiating table: The shift-down of amphetamines (like the "Molly" that fueled the four-game suspension of Scandrick and Denver receiver Wes Welker) from the category of "PED" to the area of "substance abuse."

The NFL would not only need to change its policy but also apply the change retroactively to alter Scandrick's availability.

Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr are slated to start at cornerback on Sunday, and as they've practiced all week (while Scandrick has been away from the team as mandated by the existing rules), that's likely to go unchanged. But Scandrick could conceivably step right in as the slot defender, a role he excels in, with the only major change being Dallas' need to make room for him on the active roster.

“The quicker we can get him back, the better our team would be because he arguably did have certainly defensively, and in the secondary, a great training camp," said Jones, indicating that he is aware of the movement ... but given no Friday morning indication this is a done deal. Yet.

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