Cowboys Romo: A Video Update

IRVING - We update you on the latest from Valley Ranch, featuring my Video Visit with Annabel Stephan on the Tony Romo plan and what's going on along the Cowboys' front seven.

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Tony Romo took off on "Romo Wednesday'' but returned to practice for Thursday's workout. Last week it was related to some back stiffness. There is progress, we think, because this week's sit-out was more about maintenance and rhythm than about pain.

“I definitely felt better Sunday (against the Rams),” Romo said. “I think there are multiple reasons. I think I’m continuing to get stronger. I think everything firing, you know, activating things. I didn’t have quite the strength I wanted to explode off in the first couple of weeks. And last week I was able to during the week, due to some changes we made, and I think it’s going to only continue to get better. Last week I was pretty excited about the way I was moving and feeling. So, I think I’ll continue to feel better each week and playing your best football as you continue on.”

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Romo practiced Thursday set to the eclectic musical trio of Rush, Drake and 2Chainz as the Cowboys took to the practice field with the Dallas defense having injury problems as three starting-caliber players missed the Thursday workout at Valley Ranch. Defensive tackles Henry Melton (strained right hamstring) and defensive tackle Terrell McClain (concussion) joined linebacker Rolando McClain (strained groin) among the day's inactives. Justin Durant is back from injury to help the linebackers and, in a piece of truly upbeat news, the team thinks Anthony Spencer (coming off a year-long recovery from microscopic knee surgery) can help this week.

Spencer said he was "excited'' about the possibilities but coordinator Rod Marinelli went way beyond that, with details that included the plan to play Spencer at both ends.

"Probably No. 1, make sure we don't overuse him," Marinelli said. "He's kind of on a 'pitch count,' but he's had a good week of work. He hasn't played in a year, so he's practiced well. He's got all the things you want. Hopefully this week and every week after this, he gets better and better. Once you get a guy like that, then it starts helping everybody."

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