Cowboys Jones On 'Intolerable' Rice

IRVING - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones calls domestic violence "intolerable" and believes the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell did "get it right ... on the second time around" ... in the release/suspension of Ravens star running back Ray Rice on Monday.

“There’s no question in my mind the emphasis that we have on spousal abuse in the NFL and the lack of tolerance for it," Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan when discussing the video was released showing Baltimore Ravens standout Ray Rice striking his fiancee in a casino elevator in February. "It’s intolerable and it will be adjudicated accordingly.”

The NFL initially handed down a two-game suspension for Rice in July after he was charged with felony aggravated assault. The newly released video tape - itself part of another controversy that has some wondering whether the league knew of its existence previously - caused the league to change Rice’s punishment to an indefinite suspension. In my view, we are about to see an investigation of the investigation, as it is beyond imaginable that the NFL, one of the most powerful, wealthy, lawyerly, law-enforcement-friendly bodies on the planet, was unable to secure a piece of obvious evidence.

I also wonder why it took a second, extremely graphic video of a muscular man throwing a punch at the face of a woman for the league to vault into action and for us to recoil at the horror. What were we envisioning in our mind's eye? Did we think Ray Rice knocked out Jenay Rice in some more gentlemanly or gentle manner?

But serious societal questions, and questions about an NFL coverup or NFL incompetence, will mark the next chapter here. For now, Jones said the NFL "recovered" from it's too-soft initial punishment, and that's a start.

“In blocking terminology we have 'recovery,'" Jones said. “That’s when an offensive linemen obviously gets beat on the first move but he has the athletic ability to recover and try to get it right on the second move. I know that we’re doing that, trying to get it as good as we can get it on the second time around. I think that’s happening."

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