Cowboys Jerry On DeMarco, Watt + DFW Weather

IRVING - Cowboys boss visits with 'The G-Bag Nation' to talk Watt, Spillman, DeMarco's carries and nasty weather. We highlight of the key topics:

On C.J. Spillman: "Well, Jason (Garrett) said yesterday that we're not going to comment on an investigation, any investigation involving players or personnel where no arrests or charges have been made. That's a key thing, because the ones that are notable ones around the league, the ones that have created a lot of sensitivity in the league -- those have had arrests involved. They're not just an allegation or an accusation. That thing has -- I think you have to be careful with accusations in these types of situations, because they don't tell the full story, an accusation. When someone is officially charged or arrested, then it becomes a different situation for us. Then, ultimately, in my view, that will be in line with anything the league is doing or planning to do regarding physical abuse or sexual assault allegation."

Jerry went on to explain how the club handled Spillman's situation:

"Well, he's at this point a member of the team, is a part of everything we're doing relative to practice. Again, I think we're dealing with an accusation, an allegation. Until there's something from such as an arrest, then I believe he'll remain a member of this team."

On Possibly Drafting J.J. Watt in 2011 "Let's go back to when we had him visit us. He came out to AT&T Stadium. We had a reception. He was one of about seven or eight players I spent the night interviewing. I talked to him at length. We had him highly, highly evaluated. Certainly, we felt like we needed to address our offensive line, but he was someone that we -- let's just put it like this. It doesn't surprise me that he's having the career he's having or the successful career he's having. It surprises me though that he's arguably the best player in the NFL. That's surprising, but understandable because of the passion that he has."

On Activity at the Trade Deadline: "I don't anticipate [activity at the trade deadline], but I'm not going to say we couldn't have activity. We are fortunate. We have a team that we can add to. There's areas in personnel we can improve the position. We'll be looking at that."

On Limiting Murray's Carries: "The threat probably to DeMarco's stats is ... Frankly, and I don't want to leave [Lance] Dunbar out of this equation either. If we can, we need to have Dunbar with a few more touches. But make no mistake about it: Joseph Randle can be effective out there too. Should we, and we probably should, have at least Randle get a few more snaps. I think he got seven the other day, and could probably push that up if you're going to have as many as run plays. You could probably double that and be pretty smart about how you're exposing Murray."

On Yesterday's Severe Thunderstorm in D-FW: "Actually, my great friend (and bodyguard) Roosevelt and I had just pulled out of the stadium. And it was hitting the fan, to say the least. We didn't know whether to go back or go forward. We finally got under kind of a bridge there out on the thoroughfare, the freeway, and kind of rode it out. A lot of stuff flying around out there!"

Come Sunday, if Jerry's team can get a victory against their in-state rivals, there will be blue skies, not only in the Metroplex, but in all of Cowboys Nation as the club improves to 4-1 with possibly first place solely in their possession.

You can listen to the full interview, and be sure to listen to the Cowboys station, 105.3 The Fan for all news and commentary on America's Team.

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