Fish's Friday Practice Report

IRVING -- Our very own Cowboys insider, The Fish, gives his daily practice report to Gavin Dawson, Chris Arnold, and the rest of the G-Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan. Here are today's interesting notes:

Fish on Anticipation for the Texans Game: "I think it's a lot different [than the Saints]. New Orleans is a very high-powered team... New Orleans is a very dynamic team stuck in a ditch right now. And Houston still is getting by with a bus-driver quarterback and a limping wide receiver and a limping running back and a defense, as talented as it is, you can completely run against. I think the Cowboys will.''

Fish on How the Cowboys Are Handling Praise: "Along with not putting on the anointing oil, as Bill Parcells also used to say: don't eat the cheese, which is his way of saying to not get fat on what the media or the fans are saying about you. Again, I think this team -- and this is a Dez Bryant core thing -- I think inside the room they have a great deal of confidence inside themselves, but they don't yap about it much outside the room. And then there's people like DeMarco Murray who are so unflappable you can't get him to say anything. You can't get him to brag. You can't get him to gripe. The most colorful DeMarco Murray quote of his career was yesterday when he said he'd buy all of his blockers gifts if he "had Romo money.'' Of course, keep the joke in context because Romo and Murray are close.''

Fish on the Alleged Scoop of Extending Murray: "The Cowboys are wide-open-minded to giving DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, Dwayne Harris an extension right now. All those players have to do right now is agree with what the Cowboys are offering and we've got ourselves a deal.''

Fish on What Kind of Deal Dallas Is Looking For: "The days of the $8-million running back are dead. We saw this concept in play when they drafted Joseph Randle. Now, whether or not he's the answer isn't the point. The point is that when it comes time for your $500,000 running back to get paid $5-million, you go get another $500,000 running back. Maybe Murray is proving there should be a compromise somewhere in the middle. But if Jerry's philosophy is that the investment in this offensive line means that you don't need a $5-million running back behind it, he's correct."

Fish on Lack of Cowboys Injuries: "Having a 23-year-old pass rusher instead of a 33-year-old pass rusher is great, as long as the 23-year-old can play. Paying the 33-year-old $23-million is almost a plan that's destined to fail, unless you think you're so close to winning the Super Bowl. I don't know if there's a magic formula to hamstrings and groins. The Cowboys and the NFL have exhausted their resources trying to research this. And sometimes a guy with muscular legs pulls a hamstring and that's the way it goes.''

Injury Update: "Aside from Morris Claiborne and Bruce Carter not practicing, Anthony Spencer sat out of practice for a "Spencer Friday." That's planned.''

Fish on What Happens if Dallas is 4-1 "15 of 18 times the Cowboys have started 4-1, they have made the playoffs. They are an 87% chance to make the playoffs, historically, if they win on Sunday. The last time the Cowboys have gone 4-1 was in 2008.''

Fish on Neutralizing J.J. Watt: "He can destroy you if you have to throw and you're behind. J.J. Watt is not going to destroy you if you run the football 35 times.''

Fish on Dallas' "Smoke and Mirrors" Defense: "We know Marinelli is a takeaways guy, and we know they're going to get more takeaways if they finally get real pressure on the quarterback. I think they've had hurries and are proud of that. A little more Spencer and Demarcus Lawrence in a few weeks and the next thing you know, maybe some of these almost hurries turn into hurries and these hurries turn into sacks. And those will be the difference makers in yardage.''

Fish on Cap Space at Trade Deadline: "They do have $9-million or so. Now, remember if you don't spend that, you can carry it over to next year. Go get a pass rusher? I'd ask myself if I could get the same thing out of Spencer, Lawrence, and Brent (as a run-stopper) and keep my $9-million.

The entire report to the G-Bag Nation is available here. Be sure to stay tuned to our friends at 105.3 The Fan, the Cowboys station and your place for news and views on America's Team.

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