Cowboys Jerry: 'A Match To Lighter Fluid'

IRVING -- Cowboys boss man Jerry Jones joined our friends Shan and R.J. for his weekly visit on 105.3 The Fan. Here are some quick notes from his interview, including his thoughts on winning for Cowboys Nation - 'Like a room full of lighter fluid and you put a match to it.'

On the Growing Hype: "When I bought the Dallas Cowboys 25 years ago, the Dallas Morning News said, 'Well, I guess your studies show the same thing our studies show.' I said, 'Well, guys, I wish I had been sophisticated enough to do a study, but I didn't,' I said. This has the highest per capita interest-in-sports in the United States, talking about the Metroplex, North Texas. And I've always appreciated it; known it's special. You guys have, not only benefited from it, but you've really, really been great in it. Yes, when you see it going good, it really does go good. It's like a room full of lighter fluid and you put a match to it."

On Dez's Overtime Catch: "You had Dez, and we talk about how he needs work on his routes away from the ball. We talk about a lot of things. But one thing you can't deny him: he can go up and make an unorthodox catch better than anybody. Now, I'd love to be able to throw him the ball like that every time when he's covered. But he's got to work on being a defender and knocking it away from the defender if he can't catch it. Now, you tell me he knew to knock that ball away or catch it the other day!"

Linebackers Injury Update: "Rolando [McClain] looks good according to our trainers. Yesterday, he came in and we were surprised. We'll see, obviously, when he really starts working in. He'll have some limitation in practice, but there's a possibility. Carter not much so, but these guys can surprise you. I feel better about McClain, and a little less about Carter. But we'll see as the week goes. It's not impossible to have them both."

Playing in Seattle: "They have such a great record in that stadium. Now, you talk about crowd noise: they've got it. But it shows the other day when we have to use hand signals in our own place. We got it too! If it really cranks up, we can have noise too. But they've got it extraordinarily. So, and, but they -- I watched every down last night and know what they're very capable of doing. I thought both teams -- that's a pretty good ballgame last night. But the bottom line is that there's such a challenge that I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything. I really wouldn't. I'd much rather be there playing a game like this than going to a much lesser team. Because we've got a lot at stake, the expectations are not high, if you you won a game like this, you could really change a lot of things. When I was a senior [at Arkansas], we went to Texas-Austin. They were number one in the nation. We got out of there. Coach [Darrell] Royal went for two. Coy dropped the ball. We won. We weren't scored on again, and won the national championship. It changed the players' lives. It changed mine. And so, I think those are the kinds of opportunities you've got to wish for. So, to that end, I think that's what we've got in Seattle."

On Contract Extensions: "You said it right the first time: I do not talk about any contracts, player or coaches."

Or does he? Jerry went on later in the interview to answer guest host Mac Engel's questions about DeMarco Murray's career year with the following response:

"When you see somebody -- which I would say he's approaching his prime -- when you look at running backs, when you start seeing somebody play at his level, then that really does make you think about length. And of course, we know he's subject to being injured, probably a little more so than a lot of other positions. I just say that our awe or excitement over the kind of year he's having is good. I like the idea that our offensive line is able to give him some of the running room he's got. I always thought a lot of Emmitt's longevity came from the fact that he had several steps up in there a lot of times before he was hit. And it was pretty much noted during his career that he had good running room, that he had good offensive line, and that helped him play 13 years. I don't know that we'll ever see that again."

Jerry then answered R.J. Choppy's question about having a high-dollar quarterback and running back on the same team:

"Well, let's just put it like this. Those great players, great ones, are just so hard to come by. I was reading an old statement from Coach Landry. And Coach Landry was talking about when we made the Herschel Walker trade how he wasn't skeptical, but he just said, you know, those picks may not come in the early part of the first round. He basically implied the place to really get the great impact player, because you're trading an impact player -- he was talking about Herschel Walker. If you're trading for an impact player, you've got to get him early. And Minnesota's picks might not in the future be really top first-round picks. That was Coach Landry at the time. My point is these great players are hard to come by."

One gorilla-in-the-room issue Jerry did address were the sizable, loud visiting crowds in AT&T Stadium and how out-of-town ticket holders are more the cause for that situation than corporations with tickets. You can listen to in full starting at the 3:14 mark.

Stay tuned to our friends at 105.3 The Fan, and keep it right here on for the latest news and knowledge on America's Team.

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