Fish's Wednesday Cowboys Practice Report

IRVING -- It's another 'Romo Wednesday' at Valley Ranch. Who else joined the franchise quarterback in missing practice? Fish summarizes that and adds final details to the Kyle Orton drama in his daily visit with our friends in the G-Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan:

Injury Report: "It's not only a Romo Wednesday. It's a RoLo Wednesday, not that anyone calls Rolando McClain "Rolo" to his face." He's also sitting out today. In Romo's case, it's part of the rhythm. He'll go through the walkthrough, do the homework, and then sit out the practice to go work on his core. In Rolando McClain's case, it's about that groin that he played through for most of Sunday and then kind of re-aggravated it. And then, as Jerry Jones said, they crossed their fingers on McClain and are optimistic about him that he'll be able to play this week in Seattle.''

Fish on Rolando Missing Practice: "I couldn't care less. The effectiveness that they give him if he's able to jog around on Friday and go 70% on Sunday is so much greater than what they would get out of any other guy. If McClain wants to manage his groin and then play on Sunday, that's fine with me.''

Fish on the Orton Fallout: "Ed Werder, our colleague from ESPN, who reported that part of the issue with Kyle Orton to part Dallas was a conflict with Tony Romo -- there's some truth in there, it turns out. And that's why Ed's as good as he is. There's also truth in what I've been told that two of them had a social relationship, but, at some point, the social relationship wasn't strong enough to carry Kyle Orton through his distaste for the environment. And that's Romo-related. So, both stories are true. On one hand, there absolutely was Kyle Orton saying, 'I've had enough of this organization maybe being Romo-friendly,' and at the same time, the two of them had a social relationship. So, I think a lot of this is about competitive football players. I think Kyle Orton wanted to be in a competitive situation. Now, he's got his money and he's such a competitive situation in Buffalo that he won the job within a month.''

Fish on Seattle's Crowd Noise: "The Cowboys have their usual sound system, but it's not as loud as it usually is. Maybe I'm just getting used to it! But there are some weird numbers. The Seahawks actually have more false start penalties at home than their visitors do. That's true last year, and that's true this year. And it's true in the Cowboys' three visits to that building -- the Cowboys have fewer false-start penalties than Seattle does dating all the way back to that playoff game. So, I think that you don't want to get so obsessed with the crowd noise that it's in your head twice. It needs to be in your head once, and you deal with it on Wednesdays as Jason Garrett said today, after his press conference, he said, 'We wake up on Wednesdays and our first job is: How do we win the game? What do we do strategically to win the game?' And I think one of those things is you address crowd noise in your game plan in terms of silent counts, quick counts, or the rest. And then it's in there and that's the end of it. Don't get too obsessed with it because the fact is Seattle is so obsessed with its own crowd noise that it out-false starts its own visitors.

Fish on Effectiveness of Cowboys Run Game: "This will be a much greater test than St. Louis was. Remember the Cowboys were down 21-0. We knew that was going to be a bad run-stopping team and it had been going in. They had given up 100-and-a-half to Minnesota and everybody else it had played. The Cowboys stuck with the run, even though they were down 21-0 because they knew it would work. If they get down 21-0 here, it won't work. Job One is to not get down 21-0, but I think it will be quite a test. Do you stick with the run and do you change your DNA enough to stick with the run, even though on first down you only get one yard? And then you run on second down and you get five yards. And now it's third-and-4 and is that an automatic passing down? Because around here for the past month, third-and-a-couple -- they've run on third-and-a-couple. And it's worked. That might be the pivot point of the game.''

Fish on Minimizing Seattle's Run Game: "One of the great things the Seahawks do in the run game is with their quarterback. I was talking to Tyrone Crawford about it. He said it's just so central to Dallas' defense to have success to not rush willy-nilly. You have to stay in passing lanes. You have to contain. You have to understand running wildly to sack Wilson may not be the best thing, because you need to help contain. He's a part of their running game and very effective at it.''

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