Cowboys 100: Facts + Figures For Seahawks

IRVING -- Hot off the presses, it's 'Cowboys 100'! Who's better on third down: Legion of Boom or the Cowboys' no-name defense? Ever wondered how good Romo is on the road? How does Garrett fare against Super Bowl-winning head coaches? We've got that and more, so read up!

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Seahawks FACTS

This is only the 12th time in team history the Cowboys have improved (as opposed to falling to) 4-1 in team history. 9/11 times they have made the playoffs in this instance with 1984 and 2008 being non-qualifying seasons, though having winning records.

This is the 10th time the Seattle Seahawks have started 3-1 in franchise history. 6/9 previous times Seattle has made the playoffs after a 3-1 start.

39.9% of postseason participants since 1990, when playoff formats were last formatted, have been 4-1.

49.0% of playoff qualifiers since 1990 have been 3-1.

The Cowboys are 2-2 against the Seattle Seahawks in October.

Dallas is 24-24 all-time when playing in the Pacific Time Zone.

The Cowboys are 3-4 against the Seattle Seahawks on the road. Here is the breakdown by stadium:

Kingdome: 2-0

Husky Stadium: 0-1

CenturyLink Field: 1-3

CenturyLink Field and the imploded Metrodome are the only two venues where the Cowboys have yet to win a game after losing a postseason contest there.

The Seahawks are 1/5 teams to have an undefeated record against the Cowboys in postseason play:

Redskins: 2-0

Panthers: 2-0

Colts: 1-0

Cardinals: 1-0

Seahawks: 1-0

The Seahawks are 1/15 Super Bowl winners that began the next year 3-1. Only the ’80 Steelers and ’02 Patriots did not qualify for the playoffs.

The Seahawks played in Washington, D.C. last week on Monday Night Football. Seattle is 5-1 since 2010 when coming home after East Coast road trips.

Through five games, the Cowboys have 30 penalties, 19th-most in the league, for 218 yards, 10th-fewest in the NFL. Last year, Dallas had 30 penalties for 253 yards through five games.

The Cowboys are tied for 17th in the NFL for most pre-snap penalties with 10.

The quarterback who has had the most success against the Legion of Boom on third-and-long is Philip Rivers, who has a 123.4 rating against Seattle’s defense.

Denver’s Montee Ball has the most attempts against the Seahawks defense with 14. Ball only gained 38 yards, which is also the highest number of rushing yards gained by an individual against the Seahawks defense.

Tampa Bay’s Mike James is the last running back to gain over 100 yards on the Legion of Boom, and that occurred on 11/03/13.

Seattle is tied with Washington and New Orleans as having the most former Super Bowl-winning head coaches with two each. However, Mike Holmgren had more success with the Seahawks than Tom Flores (Seattle), Vince Lombardi (Washington), Mike Shanahan (Washington), Hank Stram (New Orleans), and Mike Ditka (New Orleans) did in their second stops.

Since 2013, the Seahawks defense has only allowed a 20.7% third-and-long conversion rate. Out of 145 plays, they have recorded 16 sacks, seven interceptions, recovered a fumble, and forced 50 incompletions.

Garrett FACTS

Jason Garrett is 1-1 against the Seattle Seahawks. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys head coaches:

Tom Landry: 3-1

Jimmy Johnson: 1-0

Chan Gailey: 1-0

Dave Campo: 0-2

Bill Parcells: 1-2

Wade Phillips: 2-0

Jason Garrett: 1-1

In late afternoon road games, Garrett’s teams are 6-4 with a 2-1 record if the game goes into overtime.

Landry: 21-18

Johnson: 7-5

Switzer: 7-5

Garrett: 6-4

Parcells: 6-6

Phillips: 3-9

Gailey: 1-5

Campo: 1-6


With a win last week over Bill O’Brien, Garrett improved his record against former college coaches to 4-3.

Garrett is 1-2 against Super Bowl-winning head coaches. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys coaches with applicable records (Dave Campo and Wade Phillips are ineligible):

Tom Landry: 5-9

Jason Garrett: 1-2

Jimmy Johnson: 2-4

Barry Switzer: 0-2

Bill Parcells: 0-1

Chan Gailey: 0-1

Garrett is 1-1 on the West Coast.

Johnson: 2-0

Switzer: 3-2

Parcells: 3-2

Landry: 10-12

Garrett: 1-2

Campo: 0-2

Garrett has had more defensive coordinators (three) than Pete Carroll (two) since 2010.

Carroll FACTS

Pete Carroll has a 2-1 record against the Dallas Cowboys with his two wins coming at home. As head coach for Seattle, Carroll is 1-1. Here is how he compares to other Seattle coaches:

Jack Patera: 0-2

Chuck Knox: 1-1

Tom Flores: 0-1

Dennis Erickson: 0-1

Mike Holmgren: 4-2

Jim Mora, Jr.: 0-1

Pete Carroll: 1-1

The Seahawks are 5-3 against the NFC East since Pete Carroll took over in 2010.

This is the second time in Pete Carroll’s NFL coaching career that he has started out 3-1. The last time was 1998 with the New England Patriots, who ended up making the playoffs at 9-7 and losing in the wildcard round in Jacksonville.

Carroll has a 1.000 playoff winning percentage at CenturyLink Field, which is the best in the franchise.

All of three of Carroll’s playoff wins have come in each playoff round.


Tony Romo has a 3-2 record against the Seahawks with all of the losses coming at CenturyLink Field.

On third-and-long this season, Romo has a 75.2 rating versus a 122.6 on third-and-manageable.

All two of Romo’s delay of game penalties have occurred at home.

Tony Romo has earned only one roughing the passer this season, which is tied for eighth-most in the NFL.

Romo has been sacked three times on third down this season, tied for 10th-most in the NFL.

Romo’s two sacks inside the Red Zone are tied for sixth-most in the league.

Romo is a paltry 72.5 inside the Red Zone this year. It’s the second-lowest passer rating of his career through five games. His lowest was 43.9 set in 2009.

Romo’s 114.5 passer rating in the fourth quarter and overtime this year is seventh-best in the NFL among starting quarterbacks.

Romo’s 106.7 passer rating on the road in the fourth quarter and overtime is the best in the NFL for a starting quarterback since 2007.

Tony has a 1-3 record on the West Coast.

Romo’s 6-3 overtime record ranks as the best in the franchise:

Romo: 6-3

Aikman: 5-4

Staubach: 3-1

White: 2-2

Carter: 1-1

Bledsoe: 1-1

Hogeboom: 0-1

Stoerner: 0-1

Wilson FACTS

Russell Wilson has a 107.3 passer rating on third down this year. However, he is tied for second in most third down sacks with five.

Wilson’s 54 rushing yards on third down are the fifth-most in the NFL.

Wilson has thrown only 12 passes inside the Red Zone, ranking for third-fewest in the NFL.

Wilson’s 136.9 passer rating inside the Red Zone is the best in the NFL among all starting quarterbacks, regardless of number of starts.

Wilson’s 102.2 passer rating is the third-best in the league since 2012.

Wilson’s 109.6 passer rating at home is third-best in the NFL since 2012.

Wilson has a 4-0 record against the NFC East.

Wilson’s 99 sacks are the second-most since 2012.

Through his first four games, Wilson has gone 78/111 for 852 yards, eight touchdowns, and one interception, which is the best four-game start of his career.

Wilson is 1/10 Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks to have not won the Super Bowl MVP.


Murray’s 670 rushing yards are better than the rushing totals of 27 other NFL teams. Only the Chiefs, Steelers, Jets, and 49ers have more rushing yards than Murray by himself.

Though Murray has five rushing touchdowns and those alone are more than 20 other teams in the league, there are four other teams (Saints, Vikings, Falcons, Redskins) that have more rushing touchdowns than the Cowboys.

Murray leads the league in rushing attempts on first down with 84. The next closest player is Arian Foster with 50.

Murray leads the NFL in rushing yards on first down with 518. The next closest running back is Le’Veon Bell with 247.

Murray’s two rushing touchdowns on first down are the most in the NFL. 11 other rushers have only a touchdown apiece on first down.

Murray is tied for second in the league with 32 carries on second down.

Murray’s 108 rushing yards on second down is 11th-most in the NFL.


Through five games, DeMarco Murray is the only Cowboys running back to rush for 100 yards through the season’s first five games, and many comparisons are made to Emmitt Smith’s 1995 season. Through five games, Murray has had 110 carries for 670 yards and five touchdowns to Emmitt’s 110 carries for 638 yards and nine touchdowns.

5/6 of Murray’s lost fumbles in his career have come in the first quarter. The outlier came in the third quarter against the Saints on 12/23/12. Murray has never lost a fumble in the fourth quarter.

Murray and Marshawn Lynch are tied for sixth-most third down carries in the NFL with 10 apiece.

DeMarco Murray’s six lost fumbles since 2011 are tied for third-most in the NFL.

Broadcast FACTS

The Cowboys are 4-4 when Thom Brennaman calls their games.

Thom Brennaman took over for Dick Stockton in 2009 as Joe Buck’s backup when Buck is calling MLB playoff games. Dallas has had the combo of Brennaman and Aikman every season since and posting a 2-3 record.

The Seahawks are 8-9 when Troy Aikman calls their games, including playoffs.

Bill Leavy FACTS

Sunday will be Leavy’s 13th Cowboys game refereed in his career, and Dallas is 6-6 when he referees their games. Here are the results:

2001 – @Cardinals, 10-17 – L

2002 – NYG, 17-21 – L

2003 – BUF, 10-6 – W

2004 – NYG, 10-26 – L

2004 – CHI, 21-7 – W

2005 – NYG, 16-13 – W

2006 – @PHI, 24-38 – L

2008 – CIN, 31-22 – W

2009 – @NYG, 31-24 – L

2010 – @NYG, 33-20 – W

2011 – PHI, 7-20 – L

2012 – WAS, 31-38 – L

2013 – @WAS, 24-23 – W

The Cowboys have won the penalty battle 5/12 times under Bill Leavy. Here are the results:

2001 – Cardinals: 5/27; DAL: 9/65

2002 – NYG: 6/48; DAL: 5/37

2003 – BUF: 1/5; DAL: 5/53

2004 – NYG: 9/60; DAL: 11/74

2004 – CHI: 7/45; DAL: 5/30

2005 – NYG: 6/32; DAL: 6/44

2006 – PHI: 3/67; DAL: 7/49

2008 – CIN: 7/44; DAL: 6/52

2009 – NYG: 2/10; DAL: 5/30

2010 – NYG: 8/69; DAL: 5/60

2011 – PHI: 5/47; DAL: 6/47

2012 – WAS: 5/41; DAL: 7/45

2013 – WAS: 8/44; DAL: 6/42

Bill Leavy ranks among the league’s worst in terms of home team winning percentage. Here is how he compares to the rest of the league:

Bill Vinovich: 1.000

Jerome Boger: .800

Craig Wrolstad: .800

Clete Blakeman: .750

Tony Corrente: .750

Pete Morelli: .750

Ed Hochuli: .750

Walt Anderson: .750

Gene Steratore: .600

Carl Cheffers: .600

John Parry: .500

Brad Allen: .500

Bill Leavy: .500

Walt Coleman: .250

Jeff Triplette: .250

Terry McAulay: .200

Leavy is dead last in the NFL when it comes to the home team winning the penalty battle:

Brad Allen: 1.000

Terry McAulay: 1.000

Jerome Boger: .800

Craig Wrolstad: .800

Tony Corrente: .750

Jeff Triplette: .750

Bill Vinovich: .600

Gene Steratore: .600

Walt Anderson: .600

Walt Coleman: .500

Pete Morelli: .500

Ed Hochuli: .500

John Parry: .250

Carl Cheffers: .200

Bill Leavy: .000

Clete Blakeman: .000


Bill Leavy has refereed 10 Seahawks games, most infamously Super Bowl XL against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Ford Field in Detroit. Seattle is 5-5 when Leavy officiates their games. Here is the breakdown:

2002 – SF, 21-28 – L

2002 – @SD, 31-28 – W

2003 – PIT, 23-16 – W

2003 – Cardinals, 28-10 – W

2004 – @Rams, 12-23 – L

2005 – Super Bowl XL, 10-21 – L

2009 – @SF, 10-23 – L

2011 – @PIT, 0-24 – L

2011 – Rams, 30-13 – W

2013 – @NYG, 23-0 – W

The Seahawks have won the penalty battle 4/10 times with Leavy in charge:

2002 – SF: 8/51; SEA: 10/80

2002 – SD: 5/22; SEA: 7/58

2003 – PIT: 11/76; SEA: 5/35

2003 – Cardinals: 6/30; SEA: 3/30

2004 – Rams: 7/55; SEA: 4/20

Super Bowl XL – PIT: 3/20; SEA: 7/70

2009 – SF: 6/54; SEA: 6/45

2011 – PIT: 4/48; SEA: 6/66

2011 – Rams: 5/30; SEA: 9/61

2013 – NYG: 5/38; SEA: 8/50

Under Bill Leavy, the Cowboys have won 4/7 challenges with opponents only winning 1/3. Leavy has also overturned only 1/6 Replay Assistant challenges with three of those decisions benefiting the Cowboys.

Similarly, the Seahawks have won 1/5 challenges under Bill Leavy while their opponents are 0/7. On Replay Assistant challenges, Leavy is 1/4 with three of those decisions going in Seattle’s favor.

Bill Leavy is a retired firefighter and police officer for the city of San Jose, California. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, in Leavy’s first year as a referee, he was assigned the Rams-49ers game in Candlestick Park, where he wore a San Francisco Fire Department hat for the coin toss.


Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn worked with Jason Garrett, Judd Garrett, Derek Dooley, and Scott Linehan under Nick Saban with the Miami Dolphins from 2005-06. Quinn was the defensive line coach as Jason coached quarterbacks (2005-06), Judd coached offensive quality control (2005), Dooley coached receivers (2005-06), and Linehan coordinated the offense (2005).

Dez Bryant’s two fourth quarter and overtime touchdowns ties him for third-most in the NFL.

Bryant’s nine catches in the fourth quarter and overtime is also third-most in the league.

Through 64 games, Dez has 325 catches, which is 77 more than Steve Largent had in the same number of games. Dez’s 4,480 yards are 371 more than Largent had, and Dez’s 44 touchdowns are 11 more than Largent had.

Since 2010, Dez Bryant has the 10th-most lost fumbles by a receiver with three. Interestingly, a rookie Richard Sherman was responsible for one of those in 2011.

Through his first 21 games, Terrance Williams has 10 touchdowns. Dez had 12 in his first 21 games.

Jason Witten has nine third down catches, tied for ninth in the NFL.

Witten’s 19 catches through five games this year are the lowest since his rookie year.

Witten’s zero touchdowns through five games match his outputs in 2003 and 2006.

The Cowboys defense actually has a better third down conversion rate (44.1%) than the Legion of Boom (45.6%). Seattle’s is 12th-worst while Dallas’ is 16th-worst.

The Cowboys offense has the worst turnover percentage inside the Red Zone at 7.5%. Out of 40 plays inside the Red Zone, Dallas has had three giveaways.

The Cowboys are tied with the Seahawks for 10th in the NFL with 10 touchdowns inside the Red Zone.

Seattle’s 4.59 average yards gained inside the Red Zone is second-best in the league.

Antonio Gates’ three touchdowns in Week 2 were the most receiving touchdowns against the Legion of Boom since 2012.

CenturyLink Field and Soldier Field are the only two places where Dan Bailey did not kick when Dallas played there.

Obviously, 30 is the longest streak of consecutive field goals Dan Bailey has made after a miss. His second-longest streak after a miss is 21.

In the three games Dallas has played at CenturyLink Field, the Seahawks (seven) actually have more false start penalties than the Cowboys (four).

Last year, the Seahawks had 13 false starts at CenturyLink Field compared to 11 by the opposition.

The Dallas Cowboys are 5-1 on 10/12. Here are the results:

1969 – @ATL, 24-17 – W

1975 – @NYG, 13-7 – W

1980 – SF, 59-14 – W

1986 – WAS, 30-6 – W

2003 – PHI, 23-21 – W

2008 – @Cardinals, 24-30 – L-OT

Blow out the candles!

The Dallas Cowboys have five birthdays to celebrate on 10/12, including that of assistant defensive line coach Leon Lett:

Leon Lett, DT, 1991-2000 – 10/12/1968

Singor Mobley, DB, 1997-1999 – 10/12/1972

Darren Chiaverini, WR, 2001 – 10/12/1977

Reshard Lee, RB, 2004 – 10/12/1980

Ben Bass, DE, 2012-2013 – 10/12/1989

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