Fish's Thursday Cowboys Practice Report

IRVING - Carter returns and Okoye debuts in the Thursday workout at Valley Ranch as the Cowboys prepare for the Redskins and Fish details it from the sideline in his 105.3 The Fan Thursday Sideline Report:

Romo Wednesday on a Thursday -- Romo not working today, of course. This is a Romo Wednesday on a Thursday. And Bruce Carter is working fully for the Dallas Cowboys, and he looks great. He slipped down on a little wet turf, and it was a scary moment for just a second. Popped right back up and hopefully he's ready to go for the Cowboys on Monday night.

Michael Sam's Departure -- There's no controversy there. It's simply a rapid return to health by so many defensive lineman, DeMarcus Lawrence of course among them, that there's not room anymore. Even on the practice squad, the defensive end [Kenneth] Boatright was above Sam. So, there's no indictment of Sam in particular. But when you go down the totem pole of defensive linemen here, he just got crowded out. The Cowboys scouting department was pleased to be almost wrong, and they'll give him an endorsement if anybody calls and says, "Should we take a look at Michael Sam on our practice squad?" We can certainly say this, and I think we can file this way for the future: it was never a distraction. It was never a problem in the locker room. It was never a problem in the media. It was only a problem with ten knuckleheads protesting outside the stadium.

Amobi Okoye's Return -- He is, in fact, working today. The guy was a college superstar at 16, the youngest player ever drafted in the NFL, the Texans' first rounder in 2007, and is still just a kid now who is practicing for the first time fully since 2012 with that really odd and unusual disease that, as was described to me, a brain fog. It was as if there was a cloud over his brain that was preventing him from remembering anything. They put him in an induced coma and the rest. So, for the start, let's just celebrate good enough health that he can practice for the first time in forever.

How Marinelli Impacted Jason Hatcher -- There's no question that things Marinelli touches turn to gold, except that one year in Detroit when he was the head coach and they went 0-16. But his ability to be your grandpa and be your Vietnam War sergeant -- it's a crazy combination. It works in such a positive way. You know what? When this organization, when Jerry's done squatting on all these contracts that need to be done, and it's a long list. You know, it's not just Dez Bryant. There's not just a decision to make on DeMarco, and it's not just Jason Garrett. What about Rod Marinelli? You know Lovie Smith will want him to come to Tampa Bay. It goes all the way down to -- what about Ron Leary, who's playing on a $500,000 contract right now? There's Dwayne Harris. You want him back, if at all possible. So, there's a long list of valued guys here. Marinelli is on that list. Jason Hatcher, I think, recognizes that. And even now in this locker room -- Tyrone Crawford was talking to us yesterday about it -- he feels influenced by Hatcher. He was "big daddy." The greatest year he had, and probably will ever have, was under Rod Marinelli.

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