Cowboys Jerry: The Quote Machine To Philly

IRVING - Before the Cowboys leave today for Philly (with our own Fish aboard the charter as always), Jerry Jones joins our friends in the G-Bag Nation for his week-ending radio visit. The Quote Machine is out in force as he riffs on Romo, Josh Brent, and who the Cowboys front office was rooting for in that Thursday Night Football game. Take a look!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with G-Bag Nation to close the week ...

DO YOU THINK IT’S GOING TO TAKE 12 WINS FOR DALLAS TO GET IN? – Well, I watched with interest that game last night, St. Louis and Cardinals. And of course, those defenses put that pressure on those quarterbacks. Is there any guesswork as how to keep people from scoring touchdowns? Just pressure those quarterbacks. Looks pretty simple, doesn’t it?

HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR TEAM’S CHANCES OF PRESSURING SANCHEZ? – I do. You know, we’re a bend-not-break group. On the other hand, and we try to get it done with the four-down guys, on the hand we are capable of doing a little extra there. We certainly know that we got to keep that running back inside, not let him get outside. If we’ll do that, then that will open the door for us to possibly get a little pressure from time to time. You give up so much when you try to get that pressure, you better get to him as we all know. But that was the most impressive thing. I was watching the game with everything in mind about what our playoff chances are, the thing that impacts those. And so, we were really rooting for the Rams.

DO YOU FEEL LIKE THESE ARE LIKE PLAYOFF GAMES? – Well, I do. Really I want to give the NFL credit. A few years back, the NFL at the league level, everyone decided to pile up these division games at the end of the schedule. And I must tell you I do think it perks interest. It perks the intensity of frankly the games, the meaningfulness of the games at the end. I think we’ve helped the NFL, helped the sport, and helped the competitiveness of everything.

ANY EXTRA FOCUS ON THE GAME – I don’t want to compare the practices before Thanksgiving with the practices we’re having right now, because they were nonexistent. That’s just the way the Thanksgiving Day game is, I’m talking about the practices. We just didn’t practice meaningfully. Now when you take your pads in today’s NFL, a padded practice takes on a special meaning because there are fewer of them. When you save that for Wednesday before we’re getting ready to play, that tells you all you need to know about where our mindset is. We certainly are focused. We’re practiced up. We are, relatively speaking, healthy, and we stand warned. They’re not going to do anything different than they did last time. They’re going to try to run that McCoy. The bottom line is, we know what they’re going to do. And I would do the very same thing if I were them, they had a lot of success doing it. We didn’t say that it was because of preparation on our part as much as we said it was execution. Well, now we’ve had time to practice, let’s execute.

WILL ROMO NEED A SHOT? – Well, I don’t want and don’t address what his need is relative to getting ready for the game. On the other hand, I do think he looks like that he’s very comfortable. He’s said he’s comfortable. He is healthy. He wants probably more of the game for him. In other words, they were talking if they give it to us, let’s take it through the throwing lanes. He wants more of that. And so, I think all of that is a good sign. We play well when he does what he’s, I think, got a mindset to do.

SO YOU THINK HE’LL GET THOSE THROWING LANES? – Oh, yeah. Why wouldn’t you if you’re Philadelphia play just exactly like you played us before? They kicked our butt. So, that’s been two weeks ago. I’d certainly try.

ROMO HAS DONE A GOOD JOB LIMITING RISK. ARE YOU ASKING HIM TO PUSH THE ACCELERATOR IN THE FINAL THREE GAMES? – Look, we all know this is a game of if you go a little more emphasis to the right than you give up some to the left. It’s all get and give. So, but I don’t think there’s a mindset going in taking risk. I don’t think there’s that at all. But if we can stop that run, we can do some things defensively that we didn’t do last time. And offensively, if they’re going to limit our run early, then there’s not but one choice. You don’t have but one choice in football, and that is to make them get off that and get back. They won’t do it if you won’t make them.

IS IT IMPORTANT YOU START QUICKLY, MAYBE SCORE QUICKLY? – In general, in general, we need to be aggressive, just as aggressive as you are in a playoff game, because it doesn’t make any difference if you come out of here with a losing score. You’ve got to give yourself every opportunity, and that means being aggressive and certainly I think we’ve learned aggressive early is a need for us. We need that with the type of defense we play.

ARE YOU EXPECTING JOSH BRENT TO PLAY SUNDAY? – I don’t know. We’ll get a little better sense of that after today’s practice; see how he’s moving around. There’s no question he’s a better player than he was two weeks ago. We all expect that. This is what you have to watch for when you’ve not been out there, whether it be for a matter of a few games or, in his case, a year and a half, two years. But I’m pleased that it doesn’t have the long term look to it that a pull can have. On the other hand, he’s got a lot of desire and knows that it’s important he has a role in there to stop the run. So, let’s see how today goes, see how he’s feeling tomorrow. He’s up to speed enough and did well enough in the game the other day that he doesn’t need an outstanding practice today, full-blown to get dressed out. He can look pretty good, go make sure he knows what to do, and if he’s feeling pretty good, we’ll look at it at game time.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ARMY-NAVY GAME? – I envy you. I was with Ross Perot two nights ago – Ross Perot, Sr. It has all of the trappings a great American event has. You guys enjoy that. That’s part of why we’re doing what we’re doing spending our life in sports. That Army-Navy Game is a big part of America.


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