Cowboys Brass: Jerry, Stephen, Garrett Update

IRVING -- Cowboys COO Stephen Jones joined our friends in the G-Bag Nation for his weekly visit to give an update on injured Cowboys, praise the home crowd, and talk about the sun. And CowboysHQ catches up with Jerry and Jason, too. Here is a recap:

First, from Cowboys COO Stephen Jones:

On Carter, Lawrence, and Brent: "I think they're all on target, and you know, Josh still has a ways to go. But Bruce -- there's a great chance he'll practice this week and play. And DeMarcus is doing great. He could probably go if -- but, based on the rules 'injured reserve for return,' he can practice this week, can't play, but next week he'll be ready to go."

On Jeremy Parnell's Day: "He actually tweaked his ankle a little bit in the second quarter there, and he showed a lot of toughness and played on through. I thought he really did a nice job. Our offense was able to able to function. We didn't have to change anything. He did a hell of a job for us."

On AT&T Stadium's crowd: "Well, it was great to have a lot of our guys back. And, you know, I'm with you. I think they're really getting into this season. And it seemed like when to cheer and slow down. And it seemed like a very enthusiastic crowd that, you know, I think at the end of the day helped us. I think there were three or four different offsides by the Giants that were a direct function of crowd noise and Eli not being able to communicate with his group."


Is the glaring sun in the stadium by design? Well, it purposely wasn't done to go east to west. It was done to lay the best all-around in terms of functionality and the design of the land and what best fit the stadium. I think the only time we really have these east-west sun-setting issues are in the early fall on a 3-o'clock type game. So, you have one or two of those a year. Obviously, next week we'll be playing at night, and, you know, as you get later into the winter and the fall, then, you know, the intensity becomes less and it's really not an issue. So, you know, it's very few games it affects, but, you know, we've learned to deal with it from our team knowing that we're going to be having that at times. At some point, that becomes an advantage because we know how to deal with it.

On Rolando McClain's leadership: Well, I'm going to say the whole package has been great. We didn't [expect his sudden leadership]. It's hard to think a guy coming in here late in the game, which, you know, he pretty much didn't much in the off-season. He came in and got a little bit here in getting in shape, and came to training camp. To be getting out of him what we're getting out of him in terms of his play on the field and his leadership off the field obviously has been a pleasant surprise. And, you know, he has been doing a great job. I think he's overcome a lot of challenges both on and off the field. He just seems to be very comfortable playing for the Cowboys and living here in Dallas. Things seem to wear well with him.

You can hear the entire interview here. Keep your dial set to the Cowboys station, 105.3 The Fan, and your browser's home page to for all news and knowledge on America's Team.

Now to Jerry on contracts, speaking to the media at large, including CowboysHQ:

“I don’t want to even talk about contracts,” Jones said. “I’m just not going to talk about it. We’ve got so many contracts that we’re supposed to be needing to be talking about now that things are going good. I’m not even going to begin to start anywhere. I’m just going to squat.''

Lots more Jerry here, including his view on the Washington nickname and why it should stay.)


And finally to Jason Garrett himself, on the contract subject:

“I just know where I need to focus, where our team needs to focus and it needs to focus on playing our best football,” Garrett said. “The way we do that is we focus on being our best today. Do a great job evaluating that game, get ready for the players coming in, let’s go to work. That’s really what I think about. ... If you just keep trying to do things the right way, the results ... will hopefully take care of itself. And that’s just the way I think.”

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