Cowboys Underwear Thief Learns Crime Pays

Sticky-fingered running back Joseph Randle is dealing with a fine...and a sweet endorsement deal.

IRVING - Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said backup running back Joseph Randle is "certainly going to pay a high price for (shoplifting) some underwear and a demonstration bottle of cologne. That’ll set a record."

But in fact, while Randle is dealing with national humiliation and a fine FOX Sports Southwest is told nears $30,000 (approximately one game check), he comes across as an opportunist as an underwear company called "MeUndies" is signing him on as an endorser.

"Our statement on the partnership with Joseph Randle," the company announced. "Every mistake is a learning opportunity."

Well, it's also a marketing opportunity, because you've likely never heard of MeUndies before. And unless you are a passionate Cowboys fan, you likely couldn't ID Randle's mug shot - which is exactly how America now knows him after last week, when he was arrested for allegedly shoplifting a pack of underwear and a bottle of cologne at a Frisco Dillard’s department store.

Days later, Randle met the media and termed the incident "the worst mistake of my life." But it seems like less of an error now that MeUndies is involved, even as it says Randle will donate “upwards of $15,000 worth of underwear and basic apparel to children in the Dallas area.”

Randle, with a raised profile also in part due to Dallas' 6-1 start, said something vague to a DFW newspaper about how beyond the facts - the $39.50-pack of two black Polo underwear and the tester bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne valued at $84 and the arrangement with the drawers company -- the public is entitled to know no more.

“I don’t like to talk about my business,” Randle said.

Sorry, but your privacy is risked when you make $500,000 with the Cowboys, when your name appears on the crime blotter, and then when you become a "celebrity spokesperson," as "celebrity spokespersons" cannot have it both ways.

Does Randle have a undies deal that absorbs his $30K fine? Is the $15K donation coming from his pocket or his sponsors? Is there more money involved that will allow Randle to profit from his irresponsibility?

Joseph Randle would be wise to be more revealing here. And by "revealing," I'm not talking about seeing his underwear.

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