Cowboys Jerry: Redskins Name A Non-Issue

IRVING -- Cowboys boss Jerry Jones joins our friends Shan and R.J. for his weekly Tuesday conversation on 105.3 The Fan to talk about the dominant offensive line, why last week was Romo's greatest game, and also comments on the Redskins team name. Here's the recap:

Will the Washington Redskins change their name? "Well, I don't have the issue. I know that it's not in any way meant to denigrate the Redskins or the Washington team or what it represents. It's like 'Cowboys' to me. I think we should all feel that way about it. It's a great part of the tradition of the league. And I don't want to be insensitive, but I should think that if the Redskins and Snyder want to keep it, then they should keep it. On the other hand, I do understand the times we're in. We're in changing times relative to sensitivity. And I have all of that that you could possibly ask for in my thoughts as well. But I think it's pretty pointed that this name is one of pride. This name is one of competition. This name is one of great things that has happened with that franchise and should be looked at that way."

On Beating the Giants: "It was a hard, hard game. Those Giants -- we knew they had something to say and something to prove after the loss that they suffered the week before. They feel pretty good about coming in here and playing us here at AT&T. So, the bottom line is actually Manning had a really good ballgame. And so, they were tough. I'm glad that we were able to play well enough, come back... and won the game. I think it helped us, helped us grow."

Why it was Romo's best game ever played: "First of all, we won it. And I've seen him play some fabulous games -- a year ago out there at Denver. People would have a big argument that that was one of the greatest duels between him and Peyton. But we won this game, and we won it with him not making bad plays and making absolutely great throws and great plays. And that's it. If you have a quarterback that can create those kinds of problems for defenses, then you've got a player that not only is making it happen, but he's also keeping the other team from taking advantage of our mistakes. I thought his game -- still do -- thought it was outstanding when we looked at how he played, evaluated it on tape. It was just as good. I put right there. I agree. It's hard to pick the greatest game, but that was a great game by him. And I don't have any problem saying it could be his best."

Is this the offensive line Jerry envisioned? "Well, we've, you know, just a few years ago, you got to roll that clock back to when you had guys like Flozell and Gurode and Larry Allen, even though it was on the tail end of his career. I think one year we had four offensive linemen in the Pro Bowl. And so, we, by the way, we had some success. We didn't get to take advantage of having home-field advantage one year and didn't get to the Super Bowl. Where am I going with that? We've seen what happens when you have an outstanding offensive line. And we know that really that probably the greatest thing you could help Tony with would be protection and plus, obviously, if he has the advantage of the balanced attack and running game, he's a difficult player to defense against as a quarterback. So, you know, I -- yes, the idea was -- Tony's always told me: 'Now, Jerry, I can see the right tackle and I can make that guy miss me if the right tackle doesn't get his block. But I've got to have protection on my blindside. But, boy, I need to feel like we're not getting pushed around. We're soft in the middle. That really does influence me in terms of how much I can stand in there, how quickly I need to turn and spin out, so to speak.' There's not question we've been wanting to get Tony confident in what his offensive line is about."

Are you surprised to be 6-1 at this point? "I have such respect for the balance in this league between the teams. The answer is yes. When we started our training camp, this was going to be one of the most challenging years because we were literally rebuilding, retooling, re-everything-ing our defensive line. When we had gone into the year before, we had to have a few things happen for us, but I thought it was the strength of the team: the Ratliffs and the Hatchers and Ware and a healthy Spencer. But that fell apart on us. And that's the thing about this game, the NFL: if you have a rash of injuries at a position -- not a position, but at one of the structure elements, cornerstones of your team such as defensive line, offensive line, then a lot of hopes can go away. I knew we didn't have to start the season that we didn't have the personnel that we had the year before."

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