Cowboys vs Washington Q+A:State Of Duress?

Our weekly Q&A session brings us to our good friend Ken Meringolo of to answer our questions about the state of the Washington franchise.

In advance of tonight’s matchup, we were able to catch up with a very busy Ken Meringolo of for a quick question and answer session. Check out what Ken has to say about the state of the Beltway’s baby.

1) I have to say that I'm highly disappointed. I've spent the last three weeks anticipating that Dallas would be the team that ended Kirk Grossman's stint as the Redskins starting quarterback with a glorious 8 interception performance and dammit... Jay Gruden pulled the plug a week early and now we're looking at Colt McCoy starting. What's the word on the quarterback situation in the District, seeing how it has so many Texas ties?

In Colt We Trust. Colt freaking McCoy. Griffin is "the guy" but things are getting weird in DC. Quarterback is not supposed to be a position we need to worry about. SERENITY NOW!!

2) Talk to me about the difference in the responsiblity for the running back in the Gruden offense as opposed to the Shanahan ZBS. Alfred Morris is having a down year, is it because he doesn't pose much of a receiving threat? Is it true that he may start to lose carries to Roy Helu soon?

If you look at what Gruden had in Gio Bernard, Helu is much closer to that than Morris. Alf is having a down year but he is having a great career. Still too soon to penalize him too harshly for the sins of our offensive line and quarterback.

3) How's our old friend Jason Hatcher doing? Before we moved to the 4-3 and he had his best statistical year in 2013, he actually had a very disruptive year in 2012 as a 34 DE with a bunch of disruptions. Is the Washington franchise reaping the rewards of it's most recent free agency splash?

As much as it pains me to say it, that former Cowboy is growing on me. I respect his presence at the point of attack as well as his pursuit. Our front seven has been one of our strengths and he is a big reason why.

4) There's a lot of youth in that secondary right now, with the season-ending injury to DeAngelo Hall. I'm sure Dez Bryant is going to miss him on Monday night... What kind of scheme is Jim Haslett using to hide their youth and what do you expect from them against Bryant and Terrance Williams?

Masking our youth? I was thinking fake moustache and googley eyes glasses. Quite frankly, if Romo doesn't launch it to Dez on every play, you guys are making a huge mistake.

5) How much does the loss of Brian Orakpo hurt this team? He seems to be regularly criticized by the local media in DC, but has always put up quality numbers. He's not an elite force, but he's been more than serviceable, when healthy. Admittedly, that's not often. What happens with Trent Murphy stepping into the starter's role and how does that effect the edge setting and the pass rushing going against the New Great Wall of Dallas?

Trent Murphy and Ryan Kerrigan look to be our future at the OLB position. It remains to be seen how good Murphy will be, but if he can build some muscle on that frame between this year and next year, he could be a force. I love Orakpo, but there is only so much disappointment you can have over an injury after the third time it goes down. He certainly won't be our franchise player next season. I guess it's always kind of the end of an era when a high first round pick hits this stage. We don't make too many first round picks, so they are precious!

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