Cowboys Vow Revenge Against Dirty Detroit

IRVING - Cowboys Huddle-Up For Playoffs: Dallas' revenge, indoor practice, Romo and 'peanuts' ... all inside!

Cowboys Vow Revenge

Barry Church is a smiling assassin. Or, at least, he plans to be on Sunday should he get a chance to be that to Golden Tate.

Two years ago, when Tate was with Seattle, he delivered an illegal blind-side block that injured Sean Lee and earned the Seahawks receiver a fine of $21,000.

“That was the dirtiest shot that I’ve ever seen,” Church told 105.3 The Fan. “We were talking about it on the way back from Washington, me and Sean. He was like, ‘Man I wish I could play so bad in this game just to give him a little payback to what he did in Seattle.’ Obviously he can’t play but we’re going to keep our radar out for (Tate) because that was a dirty shot. We’re looking forward to seeing him and we’ll definitely get him back for that, but it’ll be within the rules, within the rules.”

Tate's presence with Detroit is fitting; the Lions, who of course visit Dallas on Sunday to open the NFL playoffs, are consistently among the league's most penalized teams (nine hands-to-the-face flags this year as one example). Obviously, that reputation is fueled by the work of Ndamukong Suh, who stomped on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, was suspended for it, and then unsuspended. Suh will play Sunday.


“I obviously thought he definitely did it on purpose,” Church said. “When you step back, you can feel somebody’s legs. You would jump up immediately, but he kind of took an extra step backward and pressed forward on the leg that was on Aaron Rodgers. It was pretty obvious that he did it on purpose. But hey, that’s how the cookie crumbles.”

And on Sunday, it's how the Cowboys would like to see Golden Tate and his Lions teammates crumble.

Cowboys latest news

Due to the inclement weather in DFW today, the Cowboys are practicing at the indoor facility at Highland Park High School.

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The Final Word

“As players we all want to be playing in that game and holding that trophy at the end of the year, just hoist it up and know that you accomplished your goal that you set out. I know that’s my goal. I mean, everything else is just peanuts compared to it.” - Tony Romo, who is Pro Bowl-bound, set the NFL record for QB rating in December and deserves MVP attention, on what matters most.

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