Fish's Midweek Cowboys Practice Report

IRVING -- It's another Romo Wednesday, and boy, does the Dallas franchise QB need it! Our resident Cowboys insider Mike Fisher joined 105.3 The Fan's G-Bag Nation today to give his daily practice report, including the word on what's going on at the linebacker spot. Here is a recap:

Injury Update -- No Romo, of course, at practice. Also no Doug Free, although he may give it a try later in the week. Ron Leary not working today, and Rolando McClain is not present at practice today. But the big news continues to be Tony Romo. ... So, when we hear Mr. Jones talk about pain tolerance, that's the biggest issue right now. The Cowboys may be telling the truth about no structural damage, but I think I'm telling you the truth when I'm telling you the pain is so great with what's going on back there that a knee to the kidney, as if a car wreck hit you in the kidney, as we noted yesterday, to the point where most of those patients are urinating blood.

Speculation Disguised as News -- The idea that Romo won't play Sunday or won't play travel to London is not news yet. That's conjecture. It's stuff that the organization will certainly consider. They will absolutely consider Tony Romo not playing, although Jason Garrett telling us here on The Fan that you could go through a week of not much Tony Romo practice and still have him play on a Sunday. All of those things are considerations, but they are nothing more than conjecture when it comes to putting them in a headline.

Dr. Jerry -- Dr. Jerry does get poked fun at a lot, but I do think that's incredibly valuable for the fans. And for Jerry to let Shan and R.J. and the rest of us joust with him a little bit and poke at them a little bit, I think that's entertainment value. As I've said often: we have Radio Jerry. And then there's Football Jerry over there. And then there's Jerry Poppins over there. But it's all good grist for the mill, and for Cowboys, great information.

Justin Durant's Bicep -- Mickey Spagnola here on The Fan made a good point about what Ken Norton once did here with a very similar injury -- torn biceps -- but found a way to basically unroll the muscle and tape it down. Now, he couldn't use his arm over the course of the rest of the season, but he was somehow able to catch an interception and return it for a touchdown in Super Bowl XXVII. I don't think that's the plan here. You see the three starting linebackers for today, and it's Bruce Carter on the weakside, rookie Anthony Hitchens in the middle, and Kyle Wilber on the strong side. If the Cowboys had a game today, I'm assuming Rolando McClain would be involved.

Sitting at 6-3 -- History says that when the Cowboys start 6-3, which should be the case if they should lose to Arizona, they've made the playoffs 9/12 times. They have reached the conference championship game 5/12 times, and got to the Super Bowl 3/12 times. So, you start out thinking 5-1 was a big bonus that gave you a lot of breathing room. Well, if you lose to Washington as they did, at home, which they did, and then lose to Arizona, which is certainly a possibility. Arizona is as good as the Cowboys. You've just eaten up your breathing room, yet 9/10 you still go to the playoffs. So, you're still in adequate shape.

You can here the entire interview below, including some information on recently signed veteran linebacker Tim Dobbins. Remember to keep your dial on 105.3 The Fan and your home page on for all the news and knowledge on America's Team!

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