Cowboys Jerry: Very Superstitious

IRVING -- Cowboys boss man Jerry Jones joined our guys in The G-Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan to talk about the Giants, Josh Brent... and a lucky pair of Super Bowl-winning socks? We've got that and more right here on your source for Cowboys news and knowledge!

How Do You Think the Cowboys Will Respond After the Bye?
Jerry -- “Well, we’ve had two really good days. I know you’ve heard what Jason’s been saying. But we’ve had two really good days; a lot of energy out there, a lot of rested guys, a lot of guys that have healed up a little bit. Again, I keep referring to the fact that when we left training camp, we had guys such as Henry Melton and guys like even [Rolando] McClain, he was coming off a high ankle [sprain]. But then we certainly had Spencer, Lawrence, of course we lost in training camp, but these guys are now, not only have rehabbed, not only have qualified injury-wise to play, they’re getting into their game. It’s not enough to come back right off of injury. We’ve got a chance to be really improved in our front, and that’s about as an encouraging a thing about this team as I’ve got.”

With the DL Rotation and Josh Brent Coming Back, Have You Talked about Deactivating Anyone?
Jerry -- “Well, we have, and it’s a daily conversation. Of course, it results in serious competition. All these guys want their reps. And, so, Josh of course is out there. He’s chomping at the bit. And you see things that are really indicative of good teams. You can be in drills and you’ll see a big, 300 – in his case – 330-340-pounds running after the ball 15 yards down the field. And that’s the kind of effort you’re getting from practice sessions from these interior guys. Boy, that’s a positive. You’re also see him drive that All Pro center we’ve got back there into the backfield sometimes, which is good for both of them.”

Is Josh Brent Active?

Jerry -- “No, we have not. No. And, of course, that’s a decision, obviously, Jason [Garrett] will make, but Rod Marinelli will be the key input there for him. And, because Rod’s got – boy, does he got it going from motivation out there. And the ones that have that best week of practice, it’s a big counter when it comes to who’s going to get the jersey to play Sunday.”

(Editor's note: Mike Fisher is reporting on 105.3 The Fan that according to his sources, Brent did nothing more than work with the scout team this week, that he's not one of the top five DTs at this time, and that he is therefore unlikely to dress in New York.)

Aren't You Glad No One in the Media Is Concerned about Garrett's Contract?

Jerry -- “Well, I’m really – it’s a non-event for me, whether they’re concerned about it or not. I don’t mean to sound that way. But it hasn’t been a concern of mine. We haven’t made it a concern for the club this year. And, you know, this talk about these contracts with every – it doesn’t matter who it is that’s got a pending contract or one that’s coming up – that’s all for things to talk about. It really has no impact on my day.”

Is Garrett's Psychological Approach More than Cliche?
Jerry -- “Well, I just think, first of all, in general, I don’t want to take away from Jason individually, but in generally, a coach coaching from the beginning of time have been talking about the next play coming up. Shake off the last bad one, but do your best on the very next one. Play like it’s your last play you’re ever going to play. Now, pro football is epitomizes that, because you don’t know when your last play is going to be in a career. Every one of them ought to be a Super Bowl play. And nowadays, with the numbers of players that we have and specialization that we have, you’re out there, and in many cases, you’ve got position players that really are out there 15, 20 plays per game. Well, those plays ought to be the greatest plays of the rest of your life. And we don’t have such a thing as a ‘game situation.’ We don’t play one that your assignment and you’re winning it or you’re executing it without mistake isn’t the most important thing in your life, your professional life. So, Jason really emphasizes that. That’s a part of why, he’s in my mind, an outstanding coach.”

Were the Cowboys Ever Looking at Blount and Tate Since Murray Gets Hurt?
Jerry -- “Well, we’ve got one that if he carried that ball 20 times a game, I think he would have outstanding numbers in the 100-yards-up area, and that is Joseph Randle. We’re really proud of his progress, what he’s doing when he’s got the ball. He’s been impressive. He’s been impressive away from the ball. And then we can’t seem, for anybody’s satisfaction, mainly Linehan or Jason or anybody involved, we can’t seem to get the ball in [Lance] Dunbar’s hands enough. So, when you look at that, and then we’ve got a back on our practice squad, [Ryan] Williams, that absolutely is ready to go if called upon. So, we’re in pretty good shape at running back.”

Would You Feel Okay with Randle Pass Blocking for Romo?
Jerry -- “Absolutely. Absolutely. Unequivocal. He’s ready to go. He’s really made a lot of improvement. And I know it’s unfortunate for everybody, not for him, but for everybody that he had the incident that he had. And it’s embarrassing and it’s not good. But on the other hand, one of the things that being a competitor, being in sports allows you to do, if you’re contrite and you want to do it, it allows you to basically rehab a bad mistake better than the average guy. Most of us, we get out here, and if you make those mistakes, it’s real hard to spend the time and have the visibility that it takes to correct that mistake in the eyes of your peers or in the eyes of the fans. Football players have an advantage if they want to take advantage of it, and they can get back into good graces.”

Is Eli Manning Still the Giants' Scariest Factor for You?
Jerry -- “It sure is. He’s coming off those five interceptions. And you know he’s going to be very aware of protecting that ball. And I expect them to basically protect the ball by emphasizing running plays. And so, that has a lot to do with what we put out there personnel-wise, because, in my mind, they’re going to sure try to be physical against us and run that football to help them protect that ball that much more. But make no mistake about it: we know he can make the big play. He’s a seasoned quarterback. He’s an outstanding competitor and he’s given us all we want and more since he’s been the quarterback of the Giants.”

Were the Cowboys at all Going to Host Jets-Bills?
Jerry -- “We weren’t called. I guess it was travel time that made it a difference there, which is understandable. But certainly we were (willing). Of course, we got some great football games going on out there this weekend with the high school playoffs. But we could have managed the whole program. But we weren’t asked to take a look at that.”

What Do You Think about Dez Saying the 8-8 Teams Didn't Work Hard Enough?
Jerry -- “Well, he was on them, so he’d have a firsthand view of it. And I will say this: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody work any harder at practice than Dez Bryant. And I know that one of the things that I always admired about him over the last three years, or last four if you want to include this year, is his ability to compete in that thing. I see guys like [Jason] Witten, guys like [Tony] Romo that have been working hard. You’ve – we’ve just got to get on over. I’m glad to hear him say that because that means they’re taking it to another level. And the last two days, the way they’ve been working, I would agree with him that we sure are working hard. I don’t have a comparison the way we’ve worked the last several years one way or the other.”

Are You Superstitious Heading into New York?
Jerry -- “I’m glad you asked that, because I’ve worn out in 25 years now, I’ve walked down every sidewalk. I know every crack to avoid up there in those streets in New York. I was looking for those good luck signs long before the Cowboys up there. I’ve had a lot of time on the streets of New York. But, no, I am superstitious though. Pat Summerall gave me a pair of socks one time. He had paid $300 for two pair right down here at the Crescent Hotel. He had run out of a pair of socks. And he comes out on the field and he says, ‘I got something for you. Go and put these on. They’ve got to be good luck. They’re $150 socks.’ So, I went in and put them on, and we went all the way to the Super Bowl. I wore them in every game we had – washed them, but wore them.”

Are You Happy with the New College Football Playoff Format?
Jerry -- “Just love it. Just love it. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s perked interest. It’s a natural. It will create the kind of interest that college football should have, and my goodness, I can’t tell you how proud I am talking about Pacquio-Mayweather fight, to be able to have that first national championship playoff championship here at AT&T Stadium. It just is icing on the cake. I’m just proud for everybody: AT&T and it’s going to be a great game. I’m anxious to see. It really gets interesting when you got people that you know are qualified that can analyze the qualifications of these teams. And it’s not necessarily head-to-head or those types of issues. It really gives you a good feeling about those four that are going to be in there for me.”

You can hear the entire interview here, including details on trying to bring the latest Pacquio-Mayweather fight to Jerry World. Stay tuned to 105.3 The Fan for all breaking Cowboys news and for comprehensive analysis of all things silver and blue.

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