Cowboys Jerry Jones: The Quote Machine Today

IRVING -- Cowboys bossman Jerry Jones had a Victory Friday chat with our friends in The G-Bag Nation. Sitting pretty at 9-4, the wily ol' Arkie is relieved to break the 8-8 cycle, but he knows America's Team hasn't yet had their tickets stamped for the playoffs. Here are some full quotes from Jerry on a variety of topics from "teddy bear" Dez Bryant to the roster's strongest man, Josh Brent:

DO YOU LIKE THE WAY DeMarco Murray PLAYED? – Well, I thought we were with him running the ball the way we did, I thought we were aggressive as well. And, especially in that crazy fourth quarter. I liked the way we not only relied on his runs, but the way the runs developed for him and for us. But still, there’s no question he really – when you run the ball the way he’s running it and with that – that opens it up and everybody’s hearing that ‘til they’re tired of it. I’ll tell you what: that Joseph Randle made a run down there on that goal-line that was about the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. ... I think if Joseph would’ve been in there a lot last night, you would have had some good production from him.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT ROMO NOT TAKING SHOTS AGAINST THE EAGLES AND THEN TAKING THEM FOR THE BEARS? – Well, I think he was referring to last Thursday’s game that he changed that up. And that’s what was different about last Thursday’s game is that he didn’t take the (pain-killing) shots. So, that was the only thing that I thought was noteworthy.

WHAT WAS THE THINKING BEHIND ROMO NOT TAKING THE SHOT AGAINST THE EAGLES? – I don’t know what his thinking was other than he thinks he’s thinking he’s improving by the week in terms of his overall strength and his overall pain. And so, I think that’s a good sign that he thought he could go without it.

ARE WE SEEING Cole Beasley GROW WITH A BIGGER ROLE IN THIS OFFENSE? – Well, I – that’s good to say. It sounds good. Cole ... does have a tremendous way to separate. We don’t think of him as a long, down-the-field guy, but he, as it turns out, he’s been turning it up and going vertical and making some big plays vertical. I know that fumble that really bothered him against the Giants, I think, that he had right there on the goalline. Bottom line is there’s – he’s there. He’s a big part of things. We’ve got another one that we haven’t seen in a number of games: [Lance] Dunbar that gives us gives us an added dimension. And frankly [Gavin] Escobar gives us an added dimension as a receiver, though he dropped that onside kick, didn’t he? That was a shocker. All you pray for is to go to Escobar. Go to Escobar. He can sky. He can catch it. And he’s got it. And it goes through him and there we are.

DID YOU AGREE WITH THE COACHING STAFF TO KICK FIELD GOALS RATHER THAN GO FOR IT? – Yeah. Yes, yes, I did each time. I thought that – I thought we were aggressive. I’m getting off your point and I’m going to the one I want to make. And that’s early, I thought early when it was we had third-down and we were at the 35, 36 our first drive, I thought we shouldn’t have – we should have gone for it there. We were in two-down territory, as far as I was concerned. I felt we needed to be very aggressive early in the game, and of course we go for it on fourth down on the goal line and get it. That’s where the aggressive needs to happen. That’s where the prior two games that we let both Philadelphia and the Giants hit us in the nose and we didn’t respond and that set a tone in the game. It was hard for us to overcome against the Giants and we didn’t overcome against Philadelphia.

Dez Bryant’S RANT ON THE SIDELINES; HOW DO YOU LOOK AT THAT TYPE OF EXPRESSION? – He’s a teddy bear. He’s a teddy bear. He’s the neatest guy to be around you’ve ever seen. But I’m going to tell you one thing: he’s got a passion button, and there’s no stopping him. And you just – you just can’t calm him down when he gets going. And he uses a lot of energy doing that. I’ve seen him use productive part of his energy in an early part of a game getting nuts over there. He’s just – when you come up to him, it’s like he’s shaking off about half of his energy before the game just gritting his teeth, just shaking. But that’s his passion. And I want to tell you this team uses some of that passion. It’s a positive for us; it’s not a negative thing.

DID YOU SEE Orlando Scandrick’S PASSION ON THE SIDELINES? – He’s got a – I was talking to his daddy in New York. And, of course, he’s so proud of him he can hardly stand it. We are too, but I asked him, I said, ‘Boy, where does that guy get that personality?’ He might not say a lot, but when he does, he says it. And then he really has a leadership – and I mean it – leadership quality about him that really kicks in when it gets going tough. And that’s what you were seeing from him last night. What a right guy to intercept the ball. I looked at him and I said, ‘Son, use some of that stuff out there to make a play.’ And of course, it’s easy when you’re sitting up there in those stands looking down on it. You see all the things that should have been done.

YOUR ASSESMENT OF JOSH BRENT – Well, two things. It allowed us to move Henry Melton around. It did. We got to really appreciate that Henry Melton does have it. If you looked and compared the two, or compared Melton out there, he’s got some burst that we don’t have other places. He can get us a sack. And, of course, the ideal thing that Marinelli is trying to do is get these sacks with four-down guys. And, which is hard for any of these teams to do. But Josh is the strongest and the biggest guy at 333 going into the game. Going and away, he’s the strongest guy we got. And, but you also saw that he got a little rust and I think that they thought I’d see him take that center, take one of those guards and run him back there two or three times. But for his first time out, we’ll be satisfied with that. But it’s good to have him in there.

DO YOU HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT GETTING OUT OF THE 8-8 CYCLE? – Yeah. It’s wonderful. And nine sounds fine ... this morning. But more importantly than anything, you know we’ve all been sitting here looking at the schedules of the other teams and looking at the division. Philadelphia, and what that might mean for us in this race ... It’s, for whatever reason, it’s tough to break through. I think one of the reasons that we are having problems – it seems like we’ve got a lid on it right as we get in the end is because the league has stacked all the conference games up, the division games up at the end. And so there’s no question it’s more – it can be more competitive now at the last three or four games of the season. Then there’s no question you need a couple games to go. I was looking at these other teams’ schedules, and they could get beat three times or four times and change things up at the end.

HOW, AS A GM, WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE THE PLAYERS, COACHES MANAGE THIS TIME OFF? – I’d like to – I’d want to make sure we got some rest. We should take advantage of this little bye and really rest our legs. And that would be the most productive thing for us to do. We’ve got a tough stretch when we start up a week from now and the fresher we are, the better we’ll be.

ANY THEORIES ON WHY THE COWBOYS ARE UNDEFEATED ON THE ROAD? – I don’t. It’s amazing. It is amazing. There’s all the reasons in the world to have a little letdown on the road, and that’s where we’re having our success. I think it tells me one thing: we see can do it, and we can do it with some adversity. So, that makes me feel good.

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