Cowboys Monday Huddle-Up: News + Views

IRVING -- The Cowboys' activities over the weekend and now leading up to a visit to Philly? We have you covered in CowboysHQ Huddle-Up!

The Big Lead

As Philly Week gears up, let's go back to Victory Friday and reflect on something Cowboys VP Stephen Jones told our friends Ben & Skin on 105.3 The Fan. They asked Stephen if the poor performance on Thanksgiving was a result of bad scheduling, and he wouldn't make excuses.


Said Stephen: "At the end of the day, you've got to give Philly a lot of credit. They came to play and we certainly didn't play well. You know, but when you don't play well against a really good football team, it gets compounded. And, you know, whether it's scheduling, whether it's how we prepared, whether it's, you know -- I saw where Tony [Romo] made some comments about his preparation trying to figure out the best way to do it if he had it to over again, he'd change some things. You know, that was a challenge, and unfortunately, we didn't do it well in terms of coming off that New York game and going into Philadelphia. But we certainly want to change that, prepare in the best way possible, and I do think we'll play better football when we play the Eagles up in Philadelphia."

You can listen to the rest of the interview here. Be sure to tune into 105.3 The Fan today as Cowboys figures from Coach Garrett to Michael Irvin join The Fan throughout the day.

Garrett's presser is Monday at 2, and Fish will be present for that. Practice resumes Tuesday at Valley Ranch, and yeah, we'll have you covered inside Valley Ranch there as well!

Murray Plays Santa on Sunday Off

While the Seattle Seahawks were beating the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday afternoon 24-14 and giving the Dallas Cowboys a share of the NFC East's catbird seat at 9-4, running back DeMarco Murray was giving away 50 bicycles to "Littles" in Dallas-area Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which leads the nation in mentoring kids just as Murray leads the league in rushing.

Said Murray: “I've been so blessed, and I want to give back as much as I can."

DeMarco was at a Grapevine Academy Sports and Outdoors to kick off the inaugural Holiday Handoff program for the DeMarco Murray Foundation.

In addition to new bicycles, the 25 boys and 25 girls each received an autographed football, a photo with DeMarco, $50 gift cards from Albertsons, and tickets to Sparkle, a holiday celebration donated by the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.


Murray founded his eponymous charity last season, "to better the lives of Dallas-area youth by providing educational support, opportunities and resources whenever possible." The foundation raised $100,000 in its first year, and Murray seeks to triple it for 2014.

"I'm proud and appreciative of what we've been able to accomplish with the foundation the past two years," DeMarco said, "and I'm glad we could do something to help bring smiles to kids’ faces this holiday season.”

Since 2013, nobody has gained more rushing yards than Murray's 2,727, and smiles would come to Cowboys fans around Christmastime if he padded his 1,606-yard lead en route to a playoff berth. The fourth-year running back from Oklahoma finds time to give back to North Texas in the middle of a playoff chase in the highly competitive NFC.


For more information about the DeMarco Murray Foundation, visit

For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, please visit

Christmas celebration

On Saturday, the Cowboys had their company Christmas party at AT&T Stadium. Tony Romo attended the Mavs game on Sunday night, a couple of days after leading the Cowboys to a win at Chicago. After that game, the QB was invited on the set with NFL Network and was given a player-of-the-game goodie bag.

Romo's family was kind enough to let us peek inside. And what was in the bag? Deion junk. An old Deion figurine, an old Deion replica jersey and an old Deion Beanie Baby.

We're sure Romo's kids will love the new toys. Or not.

Offensive grades

So easy, they could do it with their eyes closed. Tony Romo and the Cowboys got their 2014 December off to a strong start, dominating the Bears for the majority of the game.


Please enjoy our Cowboys Game Grades -- Offense -- from the win at Chicago.

The Final Word

"There's no question in our mind this time (off) will have him refreshed." - Jason Garrett on Romo.

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