Cowboys Dez Baby + Thursday Practice Report

IRVING -- Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher joined our friends in the G-Bag Nation to give his daily practice report live from Valley Ranch. ... and Fish also breaks a story with Dez about an addition to the Bryant family!

Fish's Baby Report - Dez Bryant tells Fish he's the proud father of a newborn baby girl, Isabella Rose Bryant.

"She's very gorgeous and I'm very blessed,' Dez says.

In Dez's one-on-one visit, he tells Fish his third child (and first girl, born on Dec. 5) is fully healthy.

"She has me controlled already,'' the Cowboys star receiver says. "I hear her whine and I gotta be there.''

You can hear the audio of Fish and Dez here at 105.3 The Fan.

Fish's Injury Report - Yeah, I think Brent has a problematic calf injury, and he is not practicing. We can speculate that's because he's carrying too much weight, but he tweaked his calf, not practicing today. Jeremy Mincey was late to practice today taking care of some personal, family business. He is here, but Josh Brent is not.

Would an 11-win, No-Playoff Year Be Successful? - First of all, it's a shame, if you're a Cowboy fan. We did this research. Cowboy teams over the franchise's history that start 9-4 are 7/7 in making the playoffs. If you're the Cowboys and you're 9-4, you always make the playoffs. By the way, the Eagles, when they start 9-4, I think they're 7/8 in making the playoffs ( They are, Mike ). So, 9-4 teams make the playoffs. Period, except -- by the way, had the Cowboys got 9 wins in each of the last three seasons, they'd be going for their fourth-straight playoff appearance. And suddenly, where 9 wins was good enough back to 2011, it's clearly, obviously not now. I think it depends not if they don't make the playoffs, but how they don't make the playoffs. If the reason they fall short is because they go to Washington and play a bad Redskins team and flop there and lose a play-in game for a fourth-straight year, that's a bad loss. That's a devastating loss. I also think that puts Garrett on the hot seat, where he would belong.

Does the Murray 5-1 Stat Really Matter? - I think this is a really good piece of research by our staff. When DeMarco scores a rushing touchdown, the Cowboys are 5-1 in December since 2011. When he does not, the Cowboys are 1-7. And we talked about this before the Chicago game, and by gosh, there he is with a rushing touchdown early in the game. I think it's significant because it suggests that when we get to December and when it gets a little colder and when you're trying to grind it out a little bit more, you've got to run in the red zone and you've got to run successfully in the red zone. And when the Cowboys with DeMarco Murray in the backfield do that in December, they win. When they don't, they lose. It's that simple and that significant.

You can listen to the rest of the report here, including speculation that defensive tackle Henry Melton could be deactivated for Sunday night. You'll want to find out why.

Earlier this morning, our colleagues over on KTCK had their weekly visit with Hall-of-Famer Troy Aikman, who is sure of only one thing Sunday night: Cowboys-Eagles will be an NFC East slobber-knocker.

AIKMAN: "You know, there's some that have a rule of thumb that the team that comes in after a tough loss, an embarrassing loss really, may have more of the edge. I don't know. I think that when you're talking about, you know, divisional foes that know each other well, I don't know that what happens last week matters much. I don't even think that what happened on Thanksgiving matters much. I don't know, you know, the outcome of this game. I've said it many times... I think to be a playoff team and you're playing at home on prime time, those are games you win. You know, and it doesn't always happen. But, you know, that's kind of what I've always believed. So, you know, well you then think that I like Philadelphia in this game, but I don't know if that's really true either. I don't know that I have a real good feel for who I like. I know that I expect Dallas to play well. I don't think the game will resemble anything that took place on Thanksgiving. I expect the game to be close. I expect it to be a typical Philadelphia-Cowboys game that's, you know, physical and comes down to the wire is what generally happens.

"And Dallas has had success on the road at Philly, at other places like New York. So, I expect with the extra days of rest to help... I do feel that when you look at what's happening now around the rest of the league, it does appear that for Dallas to get in, they're going to have to get in by winning the division. And so this becomes an extremely important game for them. It's an important game for Philadelphia as well. But I think when you get past this game and look at the last two, Philadelphia without question has an easier schedule with Dallas having to play Indianapolis and Philadelphia playing at Washington and then New York."

Troy also went on to talk about one of the secrets to being a good road team.

AIKMAN: "Jimmy used to talk about that, and he was coming from the University of Miami where they had great success, whether they were at home or on the road and coming to Dallas where, you know, our team had struggled and not been good for a few years. So, Jimmy would talk to us about that, you know, mindset and quieting the crowd and how, you know, we should embrace playing on the road. And I think that's what all coaches talk about. It doesn't surprise me this year that Dallas would say, 'Hey, we prefer playing on the road,' or, 'We like playing on the road' because they've won on the road. So, of course, they would feel that way. But it is interesting they've been so good on the road and when then haven't been able to take care of the home field advantage when they've had it here in Dallas. I guess that may bode well. It certainly will this week knowing that they've played well in road games, in prime time games as well. But in the event they don't win the division and have to go on the road, which they in fact do get in."

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