Cowboys Jerry Jones Talks; We Listen

IRVING -- Jerry Jones joins 105.3 The Fan, the official station of the Dallas Cowboys, and the media sits around and listens like it's FDR giving a Fireside Chat. Here is the recap with everything you need to know about Murray and Doug Free and more.

IS THIS THE BEST WIN OF THE GARRETT ERA? – Well, I – his first one was pretty good up there against the Giants when his first time as a coach. But I’m proud for Jason [Garrett]. He’s worked hard enough to deserve every bit of the positives that go with having our team in this position. And I know that he would tell you that, and I will tell you, that the team is really benefiting from his experience, benefiting from the structure of the way he’s running the coaching staff. They got a lot of confidence in each other. I’m talking about the staff as well as the players with the staff.

IS IT A REACH THAT MURRAY IS A REACH FOR SUNDAY? – I think that we just want to take a look at it. We don’t know. I’m not so sure, when they say the definition of healing, I’m not so sure how much can heal between now and Sunday. And I haven’t been shown examples of where someone has had an injury like this. It’s not uncommon – I’m not saying it’s an everyday occurrence – but it’s not uncommon for a back to have a hand injury. They do take some hits on that hand. But I know it’s in a place where it can really be protected. We do that. We see that often with different kind of hand injuries. And certainly he’s got a lot of game, parts of his game that work: protection, what he does frankly with that hand when he’s running that ball. He usually carries it in his right hand. So, all of those things hit. It’s conceivable to me. It’s not unrealistic to me that it could work with him being ready.

Our Mike Fisher has the scoop on Murray here, with team sources saying they are "optimistic'' DeMarco can play Sunday.

IS THERE ANY CONCERN WITH RANDLE AND DUNBAR PASS PROTECTING? – No. I know that – we all know that the type of player and the type of year that Murray’s having. But on the other hand, I have felt that this is where we have arguably the best depth on the team. And we have the ability to, whether it be in a game time or during a game or whether it be during preparation for a complete game, we’ve got some very good backup players here; good insurance. And I’ll tell you [Joseph] Randle will make, without a question, will make a good accounting of himself. He’s got some special skills. I think he’ll be good on his protection. And these guys can catch the ball now. So, we’re not dismissing Murray’s absence as much as I am talking about how these guys give me a good feeling going into the game.

COULD MURRAY BE A GAME TIME DECISION; DO YOU NEED TO SEE HIM PRACTICE? – I don’t think we’d need to see him practice. I think it’s more a question of the condition of the hand at game time and what we can do to protect. Yeah, I think that it’s one of those that you want to wait and see just how he is feeling right before the game. By the way, his surgery was last night at about 6 p.m. But I haven’t had a report, which means there’s no surprises here. So, I assume he’s as billed. I’m talking Murray’s hand, and we’ll along the lines we’re talking about.

WHAT ABOUT THE HEALTH OF Doug Free MOVING FORWARD? – That’s a concern. Doug [Free] has been working with his ankle. It is a concern. I have every reason to believe by the time Sunday gets here, we’ll have time to get him out there and get some play out of him. That’s going to be the way this injury is probably for the rest of the year to some degree.

HOW MUCH IS Brandon Carr STRUGGLING RIGHT NOW? – Oh, I think – let’s look at what we did to [Philadelphia’s] corners last Sunday night. It’s a tough position today in the NFL. And candidly, I think Brandon Carr is fighting through the challenges that we have back there. We need some more pressure back there. We’re getting a little more pressure, but need more pressure. And so, the more pressure, our secondary, in my mind, make more plays. And so, I know Brandon. No one hates it. No one works any harder, no one is more conscientious, no one has a higher expectation of him on this team than Brandon Carr does. You add all that together and it magnifies the play when it doesn’t go your way when you’re Brandon Carr or the Cowboys.

WERE YOU AWARE YOU WERE AFFECTING THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE WITH CHRIS CHRISTIE IN THE BOX? – Well, no, but I’m going to say this: if his affection for the Cowboys, which is genuine, it’s real, it’s been there a long time. He and his wife used to save their money up and drive in a car, take their vacation, drive all the way down one time a year, park way away from the stadium so they didn’t have to pay the parking money out the old Texas Stadium, and basically come down here for a ballgame. It’s the real deal with him. And if the negative involved in that is a difference in between him being the President of the United States or not, then I was probably sitting by the next President.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE COWBOYS BEING THE MOST VALUABLE US SPORTS TEAM? – No, I have not seen that. I have not. Do you think that will help us get another first down against Indianapolis? Let me tell you: that’s all that counts right here, especially with that. I’m proud of that. I’m proud for our fans because it’s made up of a lot of things, not the least of which is the value of the brand of the Dallas Cowboys. Now, that’s been there a long time. But I’m glad that it’s alive and well today. But again, if it’ll help us have a better quarter, have a better half, a better series, then, boy, I’m for getting in all the books and being the number one.

You can hear the rest of the interview here , including Jerry's thoughts on Andrew Luck and Johnny Football. Remember to keep your radio on 105.3 The Fan and your browser on if you want breaking Cowboys news and the best views on what it all means.

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