Cowboys '15 Foes: Patriots + Seattle Visit

Dallas' 2015 list of opponents has come into focus as the 2014 regular season comes to a close.


With the conclusion of the regular season, Cowboys fans might have become accustomed to turning their gaze towards the offseason. Not this year. For Cowboys enthusiasts near and far, the playoffs are up next, starting with the Detroit Lions.

Still, the conclusion of the NFL regular season does bring about a bit of finality for next season, namely the opponent’s each team will face in 2015. As the top seed in the NFC East, Dallas will play the top seeds of the NFC West and the NFC North. With the Seahawks beating out the fading Cardinals and the Packers winning the NFC North championship, those teams will be on the 2015 schedule. The rotation of the league’s division will also have Dallas facing the NFC South in 2015. Because intradivision matchups rotate home/away, Dallas knows they will face Atlanta and Carolina at home, and New Orleans and Tampa Bay on the road.

Each year, each division plays a full four-game schedule against a division from the opposite conference. For Dallas, that will be the AFC East. They will face the New England Patriots and New York Jets at home, and take trips to Buffalo and Miami. Of course, Dallas will play a home and away series against their NFC East rivals Washington, New York (Giants), and Philadelphia.

There’s no real correlation between strength of schedule in the offseason and how the following year plays out. Each season, between 4-6 teams just up from obscurity to make the playoffs, just like Dallas, Detroit, Arizona, Baltimore and Pittsburgh did this season. Still, the Cowboys have 9 games against teams with 2014 records that are below .500, including the entire NFC South and two games each against Washington and the Giants.

2015 Opponents 
New York Giants (6-10)New York Giants (6-10)
Washington (4-12)Washington (4-12)
Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
Atlanta Falcons (6-10)New Orleans Saints (7-9)
Carolina Panthers (7-8-1)Tampa Bay Bucs (2-14)
Seattle (12-4)Green Bay (12-4)
New England Patriots (12-4)Buffalo Bills (9-7)
New York Jets (4-12)Miami Dolphins (8-8)


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