Cowboys Sean Lee Rides Playoff Bandwagon

IRVING -- Sean Lee made the trip to Washington, and he'll be making more road trips with the Cowboys as far as their postseason run takes them. 'I'm getting on this bandwagon and running with it,' he says. 'I'm so excited to be a small part of a team like this.' Lee's thoughts on the 2014 Cowboys:


Sean Lee, the fifth-year linebacker out of Penn State, visited with 105.3 The Fan's Kristi Scales before the Washington game to give his thoughts on his teammates' dominant 2014 performance. Here are his thoughts:


TELL US ABOUT THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE DEFENSE WITHIN VALLEY RANCH COMING INTO THIS SEASON – Starting after last year, this defense was extremely motivated. We didn't feel that we played the way we wanted to, and it was obvious we didn't. And it started in the off-season with the type of work we put in, with the ways we were getting better and working on the mistakes we made last year. I knew that this season that we would find a way to be better, better in the system. What I've been proud of is all the guys that have stepped up: the guys in the linebacker room, the guys in the second, the defensive line. Everyone has found a way to play at a higher level, and that's why we're in the position we're in.

COULD YOU TALK ABOUT Rolando McClain AND Anthony Hitchens? – Well, they've played unbelievable. Rolando stepped in the middle after not playing for a couple years, and to be able to play at the extremely high level he has is an unbelievable story. He's a guy that has played well. He's physical and done a lot of great things. And then you look at Hitchens, a guy that's a rookie that's played a lot of positions, but every time he has had an opportunity, he goes out and takes advantage of it. To watch those guys, along with Justin Durant, who played great earlier in the year, Bruce Carter, who has made a ton of plays, our whole room is continuing to get better and it's fun to watch.

Tyrone Crawford HAS REALLY COME ON – Well, Crawford, we knew was going to be a great player last year with the way he was headed, the off-season, the way he worked, the type of athlete he is. And it's unbelievable to see how he's worked, come back from an injury that's really tough to come back from, and become a better player for him. The future is bright for him. He's going to continue to get better and better. He's a great player.

THIS IS YOUR FIRST ROAD TRIP SINCE THE INJURY. WHY? – Trying not to miss out on any of this, going to the playoffs. This is a situation you dream about being in. And I'm getting on this bandwagon and running with it. I'm so excited to be a small part of a team like this. This is something we've all dreamed of and hopefully we continue to win and make a run.

WHAT'S YOUR STATUS? – I feel great. My rehab has gone real well and I've set myself up to a point right now where I'm going to have a great off-season and be ready for next year and be perfectly healthy.


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