Cowboys Garrett: Combine Video On Dez/DeMarco

Jason Garrett has nothing but 'love' for Dez and DeMarco, as he expresses here in a Video Visit at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

Garrett on Dez/DeMarco

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett's view on Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray is clear and uncomplicated.

Great free-agent players. Worthy of handsome spring-time rewards.

Here's Garrett on Wednesday at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indy, speaking on running back Murray:


"We're trying to get a deal that works for the Dallas Cowboys and works for DeMarco Murray. His impact on our team was significant last year but again we're in the business part of it right now. We love the guy. We love him as a person. We love him as a player and hopefully we can get the whole thing worked out."

Here's Garrett on Wednesday speaking on wide receiver Bryant:

"The biggest thing that everyone needs to know is how much we appreciate Dez Bryant and the kind of football player we think he is. Obviously his impact is huge. He's one of those guys that 60, 65 times a game he breaks the huddle and the defense is looking for No. 88. He's a rare guy that way and for him to have the production that he's had to this point in his career has been remarkable because he's been getting that kind of attention from Day 1. We love Dez. We believe he's the right kind of guy. He loves football. He loves being a part of the Cowboys."

So it's all about "love,'' as Garrett expands on his thoughts here in this video:

In reality, it's all more complicated than that. For example, on DeMarco:

*The Cowboys front office already has a plan to avoid paying DeMarco "market value'' for a running back, having learned its lesson there.

*The Cowboys believe it's about the importance of the running GAME, not the running BACK ... and "running-back-by-committee proves it.

And some Dez-related complications:

*These things get emotional, especially when COO Stephen Jones and Dez opt to swing public hammers at one another.

*There is
a way to construct for Dez a "Cowboys For Life'' deal ... and we've done the homework. Now everyone just has to agree to it.

In the end, observers make the mistake of combining Dez and DeMarco into one conversation. There is a misunderstanding related to "Dez vs. DeMarco'' that we clear up here. But the one tie is clear: Jason Garrett "loves'' them both.

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The Final Word

"We have some real cornerstone players on our football team that we'd like to have back in 2015 ... All these guys they make our team better and we have to make some hard choices in regards to what their future is and what their status is and we're in those discussions right now. And hopefully we can work it out where we can bring a lot of those guys back and keep building on the things we've been doing the past couple of years." -- Jason Garrett.

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