Cowboys Dez: The Police Report + The Facts

Inside, as obtained by the NFL Network, is the police report of the incident that is apparently at the core of the Dez Bryant Video Unicorn controversy. I present it, for now, with brief commentary ... but with more commentary to come ...

The Police Report

A Dez Bryant incident at a Walmart in 2011 that, when revealed, will ruin careers because it is "five times worse than Ray Rice''?

I'm told this morning that the Dallas Cowboys already knew about this incident. So did law-enforcement officials.

Here you go, as presented by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network:


All the breathless reports of "gunplay'' and "low-ball offers'' and "secret sources'' and "I've seen the video tape''? The holes in those stories are growing larger. The thoughts that remain? The distinct possibility of extortion by a former buddy, a screenshot of a surveillance video that no longer exists and Dez' continued need for counseling as to how to manage his volatility. And I say that because even as this police report doesn't even establish Bryant is directly involved in the incident, I'm told Bryant reported the details of this conflict to the Cowboys at the time.

Will the NFL commissioner's office have something to say about this? How? Why? To re-review a July 2011 incident it already knew about? We've covered the "What Ifs'' if there is truly a serious problem here and we've covered the "Five Steps of Muck'' that have always been a bit wobbly when it comes to this Unicorn of a story.

What the Cowboys and Bryant are probably now happy to get to is the football business of Bryant's "Cowboys For Life'' deal and likely his franchise-tagging by March 2, too.

To say Dez Bryant is "innocent'' would not be completely accurate. There have been incidents that he's trying to put in his past, as he's stated very clearly. But to say Dez Bryant is "guilty'' of a career-ending crime?

If the Lancaster Walmart incident is the evidence, that would not be completely accurate, either.

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