Cowboys Beasley Confirms: New 4-Year Deal

Cole Beasley tells he's agreed to a four-year contract that can be worth as much as $15 million. 'We all pull for each other,' recently told us. 'We're all real team guys. We don't care who's eating as long as one of us is.' But today? 'Beas' eats.

Beasley contract

Cole Beasley, a favorite of his quarterback and his coach, is now going to be paid that way by the Dallas Cowboys, with a four-year deal reportedly worth $13.6 million with a $7-mil signing bonus ... but with Beasley telling us the contract has the potential to be worth $15.1 million.

The Cowboys' approach here: prevent Dallas from having to make a tender offer we projected to be a second-round value ($2.356 million), which would've left him open to negotiation with other clubs. It's not hard to envision a club offering a second-rounder for Beasley and stealing him ... so the Cowboys created a way to lessen his 2015 cap hit (less than the tender, that is). We'll also guesstimate the numbers to include a $4 mil signing bonus, a guaranteed base of $660,000 this year (with a cap hit of $1.66 mil) and a fully-guaranteed second year at around $2.34 million in 2016.


Among Dallas' restricted guys, Beasley would likely be most coveted on the open market. The slot receiver is a third-down-conversion machine and catches basically any and everything thrown to him (75-percent catch rate and didn’t drop a single pass in 2014). His production has increased every season in the offense. He is quick, shifty and has shown not only the ability to avoid the big hit, but also survive it despite his diminutive 5-8, 177-pound frame.

"I think,'' COO Stephen Jones told us over the weekend, "Cole is motivated to do it because if he doesn't get it done he'll have to play out the year with probably a tender and then won't be able to see free agency until next year. So, hopefully he's motivated to do it. Certainly we're motivated to do it and would like to lock him up.''

The motivation has paid off.

Onside Kicks

*So Dez gets the non-exclusive franchise tag, Stephen Jones tells That puts Dallas at $129 million of used cap space ... plus Dez' $12.8 mil hold ... which equals $141.8 million. But the cap is at $143.28 million? Yes. Now add the $5 million carryover from 2014 (that essentially makes Dallas' cap $148 mil) ... and there is about $7 mil of room at the moment. The team also has a few restructure and release options at their disposal should they want to create more room. This would include restructuring Tyron Smith and/or looking at QB Tony Romo to create more space. (We'll break all that down in the coming hours). There are a handful of other moves that could create a million or so of additional wiggle room. ... all simply a part of what is, as Condon accurately says, "business.''

That business is happening as you read this. Stay tuned.

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