Cowboys Jones: 'Motivated' On Beasley Deal

IRVING - Amid a flurry of premature rumors, the Cowboys and Cole Beasley are 'motivated' to do a multi-year deal that rewards him now and keeps him from free agency next year, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones tells The scoop:

Beasley contract scoop

The rumors are out there and, having visited with both Cole Beasley and Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, there is reason for optimism. But as of Saturday afternoon, there is not yet a deal.

Close, though. We think it's coming.

"We just continue to work (at a deal),'' Jones tells "We've had great interaction with (his representatives). We had a great visit at the combine. We're trying to get to a middle ground that we can both be happy with.''

That "middle ground'' will be designed to prevent Dallas from having to make a tender offer we project to be a second-round value ($2.406 million), which would've left him open to negotiation with other clubs. We know Dallas doesn’t even wish to have him test the waters here and so a multi-year deal of some sort is being negotiated. (It's not hard to envision a club offering a second-rounder for Beasley and stealing him).

In fact, among Dallas' restricted guys, Beasley would likely be most coveted on the open market. The slot receiver is a third-down-conversion machine and catches basically any and everything thrown to him (75-percent catch rate and didn’t drop a single pass in 2014). His production has increased every season in the offense. He is quick, shifty and has shown not only the ability to avoid the big hit, but also survive it despite his diminutive 5-8, 177-pound frame.

Our prediction here has been: Dallas offering a $1.5 million signing bonus with a minimum base salary for ’15 and $1 million for 2016.

"I think,'' Jones said, "Cole is motivated to do it because if he doesn't get it done he'll have to play out the year with probably a tender and then won't be able to see free agency until next year. So, hopefully he's motivated to do it. Certainly we're motivated to do it and would like to lock him up.''

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