Cowboys Mock Draft: Kevin + Tevin

Todd Gurley is about to rise on Mock Draft boards, and we still like Tevin Coleman in the second round, anyway. So how about cornerback Kevin Johnson joining Coleman as the premier-round picks in our updated Cowboys Mock Draft?

This is my second official Dallas Cowboys mock draft of the offseason. Just like last week, I tried to put myself in Jerry's and Will McClay's shoes and make all of my picks accordingly. I also tried to make each pick as realistic as possible and chose only from players who have a realistic chance of being drafted at that particular spot. So, without further ado, here is my mock draft 2.0.

Round 1 - Pick 27: CB Kevin Johnson (6'0" - 188 lbs) - Wake Forest

Johnson is one of the top 2 or 3 cornerbacks in this year's draft class - recording 7 interceptions, 37 pass breakups and 3 forced fumbles in the last 3 seasons. He also ranked in the top 4 among all CB's in the 2015 combine in the vertical jump, broad jump, 3-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. Johnson is a very smart player with great instincts and awareness. He is very aggressive which sometimes comes back to bite him. He's not a hard or intimidating hitter, but he is a consistent tackler. Johnson played in all 41 games in his college career, so he would give the Cowboys a player who they can always count on to be on the field - which is something they need on a defense that has been plagued with injuries in recent years.


Johnson is a walk-in starter for this team, which is always a goal with your first-round pick. He also gives the team more flexibility when it comes to figuring out what to do with Brandon Carr or Morris Claiborne. Johnson and Scandrick on the outside with Patmon in the slot would give the Cowboys a very solid CB trio for 2015.

Round 2 - Pick 60: RB Tevin Coleman (6'1" - 210 lbs) - Indiana

Coleman is the only repeat pick from last week's mock draft. Besides Todd Gurley, Tevin Coleman is the guy that I want for the Cowboys. Gurley had 27 rushing TD's and a 7.4 YPA average over the last 2 seasons. He also had 2,036 rushing yards in 2014 alone. Coleman is often compared to DeMarco Murray because of his great balance and his ability to quickly change directions. He is also a reliable receiving option and a pretty good pass blocker. As I mentioned last week, Coleman lost a few fumbles in 2014 which is another, not as appealing similarity to Murray. However, his home-run hitting ability - as seen by his NCAA-leading 8 TD's of 60+ yards in 2014 - is something that Murray lacks.


Coleman would be a great fit for the Cowboys and could do some big things behind this offensive line. The addition of Coleman would give the Cowboys a chance to not only maintain their success on the ground in 2014, but possibly have a running game that's even more dangerous due to Coleman's big play capability. Here's Joey Ickes' terrific profile of Cowboys prospect Tevin Coleman.

Round 3 - Pick 91: DT Marcus Hardison (6'3" - 307 lbs) - Arizona State

Hardison just has a knack for getting to the quarterback. He had 10 sacks, 15 tackles for a loss, 2 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles and 2 PBU's in 2014. I heard someone describe him as a defensive end in a defensive tackle's body, which is a great description of him. In fact, Hardison used to be a DE before moving to the inside, but he's maintained his success as a pass rusher despite the position switch. He is extremely quick off the ball and aggressive in his pursuit. Needs work against the run and needs to develop better balance so he doesn't end up on his back as much.

Hardison would be a potential rotational 3-tech DT behind Tyrone Crawford. He should see plenty of playing time in his rookie year as well since Rod Marinelli loves sending waves of pass rushers. He also gives the Cowboys some insurance at the position with Tyrone Crawford in the final year of his contract.

Round 4 - Pick 127: DE Lynden Trail (6'7" - 269 lbs) - Norfolk State

Lynden Trail is an intriguing prospect. He started out at TE/WR before switching over to defense in high school. Trail moved around a lot in college, playing OLB and DE at Norfolk State. He recorded 19.5 sacks, 18 PBU's, 8 FF's, 5 FR's, 2 blocked kicks, 41 TFL, 2 INT's and a FR in the last 3 years. He was also a gunner on punts at times and had 3 catches for 3 TD's as a TE in goal line situations in 2013. He needs to do a better job of shedding blocks and using his hands. However, he told CowboysHQ in an exclusive interview that he worked on his hands and shedding blockers with legendary Cowboy Randy White this offseason.

Trail might be a solid rotational pass-rusher behind Mincey, Lawrence and Hardy in 2014, but could potentially be a consistent contributor after a couple years of developing. He has all of the potential and physical tools to be legit.

Round 5 - Pick 163: LB Mike Hull (6'0" - 237 lbs) - Penn State

The Cowboys already have one LB from Penn State aka "Linebacker U" in Sean Lee. Why not get another? Like Sean Lee, Hull is always around the ball, as you can see from his 140 total tackles in 2014, and has great instincts and awareness. He also had 10.5 TFL, 1 INT, 3 PBU's and a forced fumble in his senior year. Hull ranked in the top 5 of the bench press, 3-cone drill, 40-yard shuttle and 60-yard shuttle among all LB's at this year's combine. Hull is also a leader on defense and a high character guy, which is a common trait among Jason Garrett draft picks.

The Cowboys signed three LB's this offseason, but they also lost two with Durant and Carter signing elsewhere. And if you follow CowboysHQ, you've known for quite a while that Rolando McClain and the Cowboys were preparing for a possible divorce. (He's back, but the marriage -- with a one-year, vet's-mininum base -- seems a bit shaky.) All of that combined with Sean Lee's injury history, the Cowboys might still need help at the position. Hull would give the team some solid depth and insurance at the position with the potential of becoming an eventual starter.

Round 7 - Pick 236: WR JaMarcus Nelson (5'10" - 156 lbs) - UAB

This guy is FAST! Jamarcus "JJ" Nelson's 4.28 40-yard dash led all players at this year's combine. In fact, he was only .04 seconds slower than the all-time record. Nelson led the NCAA in kickoff returns for TD's in 2014 and averaged a ridiculous 38.3 yards per kickoff return. Nelson has 20 receiving TD's, 1 rushing TD and averaged 19.6 yards per catch in his 4 year college career.

With Dwayne Harris signing with the Giants, the Cowboys are in need of another return specialist. Fun fact, they already have Reggie Dunn on the team so the addition of Nelson would give the Cowboys two of the only 6 players in NCAA history to have 4+ kickoff return TD's in a single season. That should make for an exciting battle to watch during training camp.

Round 7 - Pick 243: DE Darius Allen (6'2" - 239 lbs) - CSU Pueblo

The average fan might not know who Darius Allen is, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't help this football team. Dane Brugler described him as the Randy Gregory of Division II. Allen had 31 sacks, 7 FF's, 6 FR's and 46.5 TFL in the last 2 seasons. He is also a solid run defender. Darius played 3-4 DE at CSU Pueblo due to depth issues, but is better suited for rushing from the edge. While some fans may not be familiar with him, the Cowboys certainly are. Allen already has a visit set up with the team.

I thought I liked last week's mock draft (see it here) but this one tops it in my opinion. The Cowboys would get a walk-in starter at CB to clear up the uncertainty at the position, a starting RB who has all of the necessary tools to replace DeMarco Murray, a pass-rushing DT to rotate with Tyrone Crawford, two young/raw edge rushers with huge potential, a talented LB to provide depth and competition at a major position of need and a speedy return specialist for special teams. Not half-bad.

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