Cowboys Video: Fish On D's 'House Of Cards'

The Cowboys are, on paper, injecting life into Rod Marinelli's defense. But that's on paper - the same material that Fish thinks could mean Dallas' D is a House of Cards. The latest Valley Ranch notes and Fish's CowboysHQ video!

Fish Video Analysis

The "House of Cards'' angle as it applies to Dallas' defense, with Fish and Annabel:

Not trying to crush anybody's Dallas Cowboys hopes and dreams here in April ... But there is a lot of work -- and a lot of finger-crossing -- to be done here.

Splash 'n' Flash?

Ideally, you'd like to sign gifted people with pure character who come affordably. But, as Jerry notes, assembling a football team simply doesn't allow for everything to be "ideal." It's an issue we address here: Does this offseason feature enough " Splash 'n' Flash'' for y'all?

AD's "Dream''

We have made it very clear here that the Cowboys owner/GM might just be keeping alive The Improbable Dream of Adrian Peterson. AD himself tells Peterson told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he is “anxious to start a new chapter and get on with the rest of my life.''


Interpret that however you will. But know that rumors about him getting a zero-game suspension from the commissioner for 2015 primarily impacts the team that employs him ... not the team that a certain fan base/media base seems obsessed about thinking about employing him.

Onside Kicks

The Cowboys certainly aren't hiding at least a portion of their draft intentions, with the 30-man list of national visitors reportedly including a huge chunk of the available running backs ... We're told that while Ben Gardner has been assigned jersey No. 93 -- and while that seems like it's the writing on the wall for Anthony Spencer -- Spencer remains in contact with Dallas. The Cowboys would like to give him a cheap one-year deal; Spencer might take the same sort of contract elsewhere, though, where he can start (something unlikely to happen here) and then, in 2016, ideally get one more big bite at the contractual appel ... Be sure to stay tuned to 105.3 The Fan for all your radio insights and keep it right here at CowboysHQ for hard-hitting commentary and outstanding analysis.


The Final Word

"Mark Emmert, the biggest crook in America, presenting the trophy. Cheers to the NCAA.'' -- Gardner, on Twitter, watching the college-basketball title game and expressing his ire at the NCAA president, infamous in some circles for his position that athletes are "students'' and not "employees'' who deserve compensation.

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