Cowboys VIDEO: Pre-Draft Presser 'Madness'

IRVING - CowboysHQ presents video highlights from the Valley Ranch pre-draft press conference with Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Stephen Jones. ... with some 'madness' thrown in ...

Cowboys Presser 'Madness'

It can seem like endless "blahblahblah'' if you don't have the ability to "Translate Jerry'' and if you don't have the interest in watching and listening for the between-the-lines revelations. They are in there, though, as Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and Stephen Jones took the stage in Tuesday's pre-draft press conference ...

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What did we hear? Some Jerry Poppins stuff, like: Drafting a running back is not an urgent matter. Jerry says that, but that's not the feeling in personnel. He also said helping the defense is a must -- by "hook or crook" -- but in truth, the Cowboys are as committed as ever to staying true to their board. And Jerry suggested that the fact Dallas drafts at No. 27 in the first round increases the possibility of them moving around on Thursday, either up or down. It's true that in the Jerry Era, Dallas has done that 80 percent of the time. But it has nothing to do with being at 27.

But there is also some true and frank Cowboys stuff discussed, like: Stephen acknowledging there is a Brandon Carr cap decision to be made. ... and Garrett trying to explain that all character issues are not the same, and that having such an issue does not automatically dissuade Dallas from adding a player ... and Jerry's talk of consensus in that War Room, of what "madness'' it would be for him to not heed the advice of Jason and Stephen (and Will McClay). A special emphasis was placed on Stephen's supervision of cap management.

"My life before the Cowboys was, 'Buy it, then figure out how to pay for it,'' Jerry said with a nod to Stephen's influence and the sound notion that the best way to manage finances is to draft well. "The 'ol cap will get ya if you think like that."

Dallas Draft Watch Party

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Jordan Ross and Mark Lane will be your hosts ... Special guests include Tyrone Crawford ... goodies include autographed stuff from guys like Tony Romo ... and Fish and Jeff Cavanaugh will swing in late, too. Come join us!

Onside Kicks

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The Final Word

The braintrust seemed unworried about Dez in every way, from his work ethic to his character to his heart to his contract.

"We love Dez,'' Garrett said. "He's the right kind of guy.''

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