Cowboys Clarification: Irvin on Eagles And AD

Michael Irvin picking the Eagles? That can't be right! The Playmaker felt the heat for the last two weeks for his comments about the Eagles and now the Cowboys legend clarifies his comments and more in his chit-chat with our friends 'Shan & RJ' on 105.3 The Fan. Take a look:

Irvin's Cowboys Clarity

Michael Irvin, a Dallas Cowboys legend, picking the Eagles? Say it ain't so!


CARE TO EXPLAIN YOUR "EAGLES WIN THE EAST" COMMENTS? -- "And this is what I'm talking about: good radio people here. I understand how you want to blow things up and people do that. Now, I've taken all kinds of flak, all kinds of stuff. And what I said -- I went on the air and said you take DeMarco [Murray] out of the equation and it could be a change in a balance of power. Now, I have to see what the Cowboys come up with. You can't just tell me they're still as good. I have to see that. I said right now if you asked me to put it in order -- and I emphasized "in May" -- I'll take Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins. Let's see what happens in training camp and if they come together. Man, the headlines! 'Michael Irvin picks the Eagles to win the East.' I was like, 'Wait a minute. The East? We're in May. The East won't be won until January.' But that's how it is. And it is what it is. I still want to see something from the Cowboys as opposed to what's going on with the running game. And I'm looking like everybody else is looking to wait and see what happens with that."

THE LINE IS SO GOOD, BUT NOT EVERYBODY CAN RUN BEHIND IT -- "Right. And you may get 1,500 yards. It's not about just the distance in which he travels. It's the meaning in which he travels. So, I may get 1,500 yards, but am I getting that because we're getting blown out and everybody's playing coverage? So, now, when I drop you off a little delay, you run for a lot of yards. DeMarco kept you out of -- and I'm going to say this for the last time -- I know we're killing this. I know there's nothing else going on right now and we love the Cowboys. What we had, in all out seriousness, what we had last year, and it was, you felt it, I felt it, we all felt it: a sense of what we used to have. We had order about which way we would attack always now. And that running game set up our order. Now, Peyton Manning has passed a team to a Super Bowl but once, and he's one of the greatest passers in the world. So, I won't say that Peyton Manning can't do it, then I'm not going to say Tony Romo to do it all by himself without that running game, just like Peyton Manning needs that running game. It's just what it is."


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT AD TO DALLAS? -- "Oh, my God. It changes everything. Are you joking? It changes everything. Everything! Man, you get Adrian Peterson in here. What? You are the favorites right now to win the next two Super Bowls if you can get AP in here right now. It would be incredible. Don't get my mouth all watered like that. Let me tell you what's hurting right now and what we're missing right now that we're not talking about. We're talking about right now Dez not being at camp and what is happening with the running game where right now my hopes and prayers would have been that we were talking and hearing the rattlings in these OTA's coming from Valley Ranch that we got unfinished business. So, now, it's the purpose with which we have hit the field. We got to regain what we used to have last year is what I worry about. Right now, Dez Bryant's not at camp. We're talking about talking about young guys getting reps and everything. And we're talking about we got to find the running game. So, we're back in the hunting business instead of the purposeful business. And the purposeful business was we had unfinished business from last year. So, those are the things that I'm talking about. So, now, what we have to hope is that this group comes together and finds a great purpose that they can connect with to go and create something special."

Our man Mike Fisher scoffs, by the way, at the idea of a Peterson "retirement'' and has the Premium scoop from inside Valley Ranch: Cowboys And AD: Is There A New Reality?

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT DEZ NOT AT OTA'S? -- "Dez loves the game of football and everybody knows that. Sometimes the greatest asset in the world on Sundays, but in negotiation time, it sometimes becomes a great liability. Because they know there's no way you're going to go through the season without making love to your love. Dez, you're going to come play football sooner or later. You love it too much. It's the essence of who you are. It's like with me. So, I understand he's trying to do business right now. But Dez will be ready. I'd much rather have Dez over at Valley Ranch doing all the things he needs to do. And he's not there now. I'm not happy about that, but Dez will be ready to play football."


Dez, it is worth noting, is happy to talk to CHQ to explain his position on being outside of Valley Ranch right now. "Dez on the BS'' is here.