Cowboys Breakfast Links: No Running Away

We roll around the web to get the latest on the Dallas Cowboys. In today's edition, the focus is on the run game, as it will be for the forseeable future. We look at a Hall of Famer's take on the meat left on the bone, the heir apparent, the rumored newcomer, he who never came to the team and much, much more.

Emmitt Smith: Demarco Murray Could Have Had 2,500 Yards | Dallas Morning News

Over the past couple of seasons, observant Cowboys fans have often cited the numerous things Demarco Murray did well. He excelled at inside zone runs and power blocking scheme runs, he always fell forward and sought out contact to punish defenders and wear them down. He also was maddeningly frustrating with bad vision on outside zone runs, often running into the backs of his lineman and missing opportunities of wide open lanes. In an interview with The Ticket 1310, transcribed by DMN, Smith echoed the sentiments many fans were crucified for, as if stating them somehow was a conflict with their rooting for Murray while he was a Cowboy. Of course, the league’s leading rusher has more credibility to speak on these things as most, and still gave Murray his proper respect for the talent he displays.

One-on-one with Joseph Randle |

Nick Eatman sits down with the heir apparent, or at least the leading candidate, to replace Murray, Joe Randle. In this video clip, Randle discusses his hopes for 2015.

Cowboys + Chris Johnson? Word At Valley Ranch | CowboysHQ (Prem)

The Cowboys once again were linked to Chris Johnson and once again our own Mike Fisher went directly to the team to ask what the deal was and what has changed. The response is inside. Join us in premium for just pennies a day and get exclusive access to the inside, just in time for training camp coverage from Oxnard!

Judge Orders Settlement Talk For NFL, Union In Peterson Case |

After Judge David Doty ordered the NFL to return the Peterson discipline back to arbitration and the league didn’t comply, the league appealed the decision. While waiting for that appeal, they never complied with the order, and the NFLPA has since requested contempt charges against Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league. In the filing, the NFLPA referenced the impact the decision would have on the appeal process of the Cowboys Greg Hardy, who at the time had been suspended 10 games, now reduced to four. That hearing was scheduled for August 13th. Now, Magistrate Judge Janie Mayeron has scheduled a settlement session the same day based on the league’s appeal, and postponed the contempt hearing. In the meantime, Hardy still has not decided whether to go to court to see if his four –game suspension can be further reduced or eliminated.

Author John Feinstein: Dez Bryant Acted Selfishly Threatening To Miss Games | DMN

What, you thought trolls only existed on Social Media? Fans of the Washington Wizards are well versed in Feinstein’s transition to grumpy old man, as he had the audacity to call John Wall the Wiz’s fourth-best player… this past season. Nothing to see here, just point and laugh.

Cowboys ’15 Salary Cap Compared to Super Bowl Champs of Last Two Decades | CowboysHQ

Here, with substantial help from our good friends at (one of the few sites the advanced fan must have bookmarked), we will take a look at the cap composition of the 2015 Cowboys as compared to the Super Bowl champions of the last 20+ seasons. We will compare how Dallas has built their current squad with the expectation of a title run, and contrast it to how previous winners have done so. We look at the composition of the Top 5 and Top 10 players on the Cowboys cap, post-Bryant deal and Hardy appeal, and glean some interesting insights.

Building the Cowboys Roster: 2016 Cornerback Prospects | Blogging The Boys

The esteemed Rabblerousr (the guy who broke the Cowboys leaked draft board a few years back) takes a look forward to prospects for the 2016 draft at cornerback. With Brandon Carr’s future oft-talked about and Morris Claiborne on the last year of his rookie deal, Dallas might still be in the corner market despite selecting Byron Jones in this year’s first round.

Cowboys 2014 Draft Class Ready To Blossom? | CowboysHQ

You never quite know what you have in a rookie class until a few years down the line. However several members of the Cowboys 2014 rookie class will be looking to make a much bigger impact on this season than they did when there were still wet behind the ears. Beyond Zack Martin and Demarcus Lawrence, which second-year players are ready to make an impact?

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