Already Out the Door?

Leave it to Jerry Jones and Ryan Leaf to come up with this one. After all but practicing with the Cowboys Wednesday, Ryan Leaf failed his physical and left Dallas without a contract.

But the Ryan Leaf saga may not be over yet. If Leaf's wrist can heal this season then he might have the opportunity to sign with the Cowboys at a later date.

"I think its obvious that we wanted him over Tony Banks to begin with, but things just didn't work out at that point," says Jerry Jones.

Leaf's wrist injury kept him out of two practices during the preseason with Tampa Bay, and often times he had great difficulty even throwing a football 15 yards downfield.

The happiest man in Dallas today has to be Clint Stoerner. If Ryan Leaf would have signed a contract with the Cowboys, it would surely have meant his release and possible addition to the practice squad. Stoerner will continue to be the 3rd string quarterback behind Anthony Wright and Quincy Carter.

Carter was seemingly unaffected by the entire situation, stating that if he just does his job, he won't have to worry about anything.

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