Cowboys HQ's Top 20 QBs For 2015

National conversation about quarterback rankings often rely on too much stereotype and stale narratives. We take a stab at producing a list of who would be the best choices for 2015.

So many were doing “top” lists over the last month, that it made more sense to fall back and wait a while before hitting the topic. Now that the dust has settled, here’s our look at the Top QBs in the NFL for the 2015 season. This isn’t a list of who has had a better career, just a list of “if you had your choice for just one season, running his system, which quarterback would you prefer?”

Of course, that completely takes into account a player’s history, that’s not to be ignored. Statistics, health expectancy, post season ability and leadership abilities all come into play. Here are CowboysHQ’s Top 2015 Quarterbacks.

QBPass RatingCompletion %Yards/AttPass YardsYards In AirYIA %Adj Net Yds/AttTD %INT %Accuracy %

1) Aaron Rodgers, GREEN BAY

Rodgers is hands down the best quarterback in the NFL. We’ve seen him turn out 1,000 yard receiving years for four different receivers in his seven years of starts, and give a fifth receiver 14 touchdowns. His interception totals are insanely low compared to the other top QBs in the game, and it borderlines on the absurd when under pressure. He’s the only QB with three seasons in the Top 20 all time of passer rating and has his bling to validate.

2) Tony Romo, DALLAS

It’s hard to argue any quarterback had a better season than Tony Romo did in 2014. He led the league in completion percentage, touchdown percentage, yards per attempt, passer rating and QBR, as well as game-winning drives. This all while recoving from back surgery and THEN breaking his back in the middle of the season. QBs age like fine wine and Romo should still have 2-3 high-level years remaining, and should be no doubt for 2015. There of course is concern for regression for any player after posting career numbers, however the counter argument is an always improving offensive line and a defense that should finally create pressure; two things Romo has spent much of his career without. One would be hard-pressed to find a better signal-caller to steer their team’s ship in 2015.

3) Tom Brady, NEW ENGLAND

Yes, Brady is being lowered based on the New England cheating scandals over the course of his career. Outside of that, he would still earn the second rung on this quarterback ladder. No QB has done more with less at the wideout position, though in all fairness having Rob Gronkowski as a tight end forcing the mismatches he does offsets that in recent years. Six trips to the big game with four chips? Insane… but just can’t shake the cheater label.

4) Ben Roethlisberger, PITTSBURGH

Roethlisberger is a player who won two Super Bowls, and then became top tier, with his coronation being his 2014 season. Equipped with a workhorse back and a competent OL, the Steelers offensive philosophy shift put the onus of success on Ben and he delivered in a big way. Ben led the entire NFL in passing yardage, and including his one playoff game threw for over 300 yards on 10 different occasions. That included a 500 yard passing day and back-to-back weeks where he threw for six touchdowns. He ranked third behind Romo and Rodgers in passer rating and shows no signs of letting up with the emergence of a red zone threat in Martavis Bryant to compliment Antonio Brown’s electricity outside the 20. He stands in the pocket with the size of a tight end, and shrugs off would-be sacks with ease.

5) Drew Brees, NEW ORLEANS

Brees’ place in the upper tier of QBs will come into question this season, as New Orleans cleaned house and ridded him of his targets, on a team with little defense. Brees maintained a phenomenal completion percentage (69.9%) but has now lost security blanket, TE Jimmy Graham, as well as Kenny Stills as the club looks to redefine itself as a run-first team. Sound familiar? Dallas did so without losing their receiving weapons. Whether New Orleans has the talent on the outside to make teams pay for loading up the box will be an interesting test. Brees’ passing volume (led league in completions four times in career) has always come with a high number of interceptions, similar to Brett Favre in the past. Still, there are only a handful of guys you’d ask to run the show before you reached for his phone number.


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