VIDEO: Cowboys Cuts; Not Chasing RB Jackson

The Dallas Cowboys are not interested in adding former Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson to their roster, according to COO Stephen Jones. The same probably goes for another big-name player likely to be skipped over as Dallas begins its cuts to 75 while practicing at AT&T Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys are not interested in adding former Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson to their roster, according to COO Stephen Jones.

"In this particular case, a lot of people want to throw out these older guys that have been in the league a while," Jones said Monday on 105.3 The Fan regarding the Fred-to-Dallas talking point. "And I don't necessarily know that that's the direction we're looking for. We've got three backs here that we like a lot."


The oldest back on the Cowboys roster is 28-year-old Darren McFadden, who carried the ball four times for 37 yards against the Vikings in Saturday's preseason game at AT&T Stadium. (Read our 10-Point Review of the game here.) Jackson, a Fort Worth native and Arlington Lamar graduate, is 34 years old and coming off a season where his yards per carry dropped to 3.7, a career low. Jackson has also only played a full 16 games once since 2011.

Jones indicated that the Cowboys aren't "always set" at running back. There are situations that could entice them. ... though CHQ gets every indication that the present RBBC situation -- featuring "Dirty Joe and Flashy McFadden'' -- is working to the club's satisfaction, as Fish writes here.

"If we saw a young back that we could add to the mix, we'd certainly look at it," said Jones. "But what we've seen on the wire so far, we're pretty content with what we've got. That doesn't mean that won't change in the next week or so."


Jones is of course referring to cutdown time, which has former Bears cornerback Tim Jennings on the street (yes, Dallas thoughts on him at age 31 seem to be reflected in Jones' remarks) and which has the Cowboys in the process of moving from 90 to 75 by Tuesday with the cuts of WR Phil Bates (Ohio), P Tom Hornsey (Memphis), LS Casey Kreiter (Iowa), CB Robert Steeples (Memphis) and DT Carlif Taylor (Southern Connecticut State).

What does our own Fish say?

 Mike Fisher is issuing a heads-up for the Cowboys to consider help at swing tackle and receiver ... And once we get beyond the Jackson/Jennings headline-grabbing, maybe that's really where we should all be exploring.

PUP TALK: The Cowboys were back to practice today — inside of AT&T Stadium with a 5 p.m. start that is … .. But one more look back as Jerry Jones was asked about position battles before the Saturday game and, tucked inside his JerrySpeak was a nugget:

"Oh, I think you should look at your receivers, your tight ends. Good battle going on at both of those positions. I would look real good at your -- I would look to see how the linebackers that are the veteran linebackers but aren't considered the starters, because they've got some competition from other linebackers that aren't playing tonight. And, so, it makes for a real interesting dynamic: the fact that they will be playing, but their competition could come from a player that we're looking at putting on PUP that may not show up for two or three weeks, that that will be competition going on out here tonight.”

How we read that: Jasper Brinkley needed to play well to stay around. And did play well. And Rolando McClain was headed to PUP "if'' .. but the "if'' never came as Ro was on the field at the MIKE on Monday. PUP means six games. His suspension means four. The activiation off PUP is a no-brainer if Ro is up for it. … We do believe rookie tackle Chaz Green is still a PUP candidate.

Byron Jones got first-team snaps at safety on Monday with Wilcox out ... Zack Martin is wearing a massive neck brace as he preps for his return ... Geoff Swaim was in the mix at tight end for some first-team snaps ... Bernadeau seems to be holding off Collins as a backup guard ... this isn't really the Cowboys' business, per say, but indications right now are the team thinks Greg Hardy will take his four-game suspension without further protest. We'll monitor.

THE FINAL WORD: Jason Garrett is one of the smartest people you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. So it is no surprise that he’s issued the Smart Take of the Summer in explaining why, against Dez’ will, the All-Pro receiver was held out of the Saturday night game (and will be held out this Thursday against the visiting Texans in the preseason closer, too, though he did practice Monday):


"I didn’t think it was worth having him play six or eight plays in this game,’’ Garrett said.

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