Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, fresh off another hip surgery, is ready for kickoff in this Q-and-A

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, fresh off another hip surgery, is ready for kickoff in this Q-and-A:

Jerry Jones talked Friday with "GBag Nation'' on 105.3 The Fan ...


HOW ARE YOU FEELING (AFTER SURGERY ON THE OTHER HIP THIS WEEK)? -- "I feel good. Thank you for asking, but I feel real good and I think it's going according to plan. I'll let you know when I take the kickoff."

YOU'LL BE AT THE GAME? -- "Of course. They don't kick off without me. But seriously, I do feel very good and I planned this out pretty good on timing for training camp as well as for here so I could get this all done and not miss a thing."

LAST TIME YOUR TEAM HAS BEEN THIS GOOD? -- "I've seen Romo and I've seen us have something really special. I thought when Wade [Phillips] coached and I saw us have -- it was the second year Wade was here when we had [Anthony] Spencer that just was playing outstanding and [DeMarcus] Ware was at the top of his game, and I thought that was a great period of time too. I'm talking more in terms of years and periods than I am in terms of whatever year."

GREG HARDY NOT PURSUING APPEAL -- "It means we are of course seeing an outstanding player and an outstanding individual with the Dallas Cowboys. And he really is impactful to the team just right down to the intangible of a given drill. He makes a difference out there. And he makes a difference not only with his attitude but his actual skill. So, he's a star for us. And you don't want to not have him, but I think that he had really given a lot of consideration. This thing that he's been involved in has really been onerous for a lot of people, I'm sure, but certainly for him. And he'd like to help him get it behind us, and I'm going to help him do that and just move on. We're going to be ready to have him when he gets in the fourth game."


The Cowboys' D-Line gameplan without Hardy? We mapped this out on Tuesday, here.

RUNNING BACKS -- "I think you'll see a situation where we have our first offense and what field position we have. That could have something to do with it. Secondly, these guys bring different things to the table. So, I think if we get it going early in a series or a drive, then I see the staff, I see them staying with what's really working for us. We'll play that one by ear. The good news is that I see circumstances beginning, let's just take the first quarter and the first two or three series of the first quarter. I see circumstances where you could see them all out there with our game plan."

What's Dallas really doing at RB? Here's the scoop.

HAD ANY HEADSET ISSUES IN FOXBORO? -- "No. We haven't, but we haven't been there many. I think only two times. I think two we get. No, I don't recall having a problem with it. But it just seems like it just keeps making news, doesn't it? It's off-the-field with them, but they know how to make it on the field too."

MARK LANE COMMENT: they've been to Foxboro only twice in Belichick era: 2003 and 2011

ARE HEADSET ISSUES COMMON AT AT&T STADIUM? -- "No, I don't think so. We are benefiting fro state-of-the-art technology out there with AT&T. So, no, I don't see our being in on any type of list or anticipation of be sure to bring extra or do something different for headsets."

WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR OWN RADIOS TO FOXBORO? -- "I don't know that I would go that far.  don't know enough of the technical aspect of it. On the other hand, I bet you we have our own radios all the time. And, so, it wouldn't surprise me at all to have gone with it or witout it. So, again, I know it's not been an issue because it's never even been something that we've had a discussion on."

HAVE THE PATRIOTS HAD AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE SINCE 2000? -- "No,  I don't think that. It's kind of like me with a play. Let's say that catch that Dez made that the officiating caused us to not get and actually lose that ballgame. Even there, I have to pull back a little bit and say that we had other chances, or there could have been other situations that dictated some things that went for us out there. So, on any given type situation like this, I don't let it really influence 'well this thing but for this, we would have won.' 'But for this, New England wouldn't have won as much.' I think there's too much, too many plays, too much sifting out an influence like the one we're talking about here that you've issued, the one you're talking about with the Patriots. I think there's too many other things that affect these ballgames that would make that a non-consequence, afffecting the ballgames I'm talking about."

DO YOU THINK DEZ CAN BREAK RECORDS IN 2015? -- "Nothing would make me happier than for him to have that kind of year. You can say, 'Well, would you rather have Romo have the type of year he had last year than for Dez to have that kind of year?' I think both are indicative of what kind of team we'd have if they have that kind of individual performance. So, boy, you let that happen and maybe we'll have something that may gets out in front of him having all of those accolades and that is the team being where we want it to be."


See Dez in his own words, with Fish, here.

ROMO WEDNESDAYS SHOULD GO ON? -- "I do. And I think on anything the less you use it, I'm a good example. I probably used these old hips more than the average person for several years. And consequently, I'm having to get some that can carry me forward for another 30 years. But the whole point is the more you use it, the more you use it."

Our story on "Romo Wednesdays'' is here.

BIGGEST OFF-SEASON MOVE? -- "Well, I of course was pleased that everything worked to plan and we were able to extend Jason Garrett to a six-year contract, five more years. That was a cornerstone thing as far as I'm concerned. And we got that done. And then I certainly thought that the Dez Bryant signing was critical to us as we got near where we are today. And in between there, the drafting that we did was significant. We actually maybe as many as four players that could right off the bat, early part of the year really make a difference, make a difference in the actual score of the game. And then things go on toward the end of the year, get what you should expect from young players and better. And then of course [Greg] Hardy. I'd have to say that I'm as proud of what Hardy is and as proud as we have Hardy as anything we did in the off-season."

EXCITED ABOUT SEAN LEE? -- "I think we're going to get a better Sean Lee than we had on the field then. And I think it's a case of continuing. We all saw it, if you looked. It was out there. But we've never had anybody rehab work harder, work harder on the intricacies of his game on the fact that he moved over from the middle to the weak linebacker and the homework he does in that area. So, he's a better player, I think. I know he's a better player physically than he was when he was out there. You knew, we knew that he had this tear in his knee when we drafted him. And we thought that we would fix it at some time in the future. The mistake that I made was when he fixed his elbow, we should have had that knee done too. But Sean needs to be here saying that and he might disagree. But I think Sean is a better player and we are certainly without a question a big time major better defense."

DOES ELI MANNING STILL SCARE YOU? -- "I have a lot of respect for him. Big respect for the entire background, and consequently that carries through. And it just seems inevitable. Don't be criticizing him because it seems inevitably no matter how it comes at you, he will get plays in that will win the ballgame. Now, they get that. That comes natural. They've been around plays that win ballgames, and when I look at him, I remember him coming out. And I looked at him and he continued through his career, he's been everything we thought he would be and that is the player that gets around out there. Don't led him mislead you. And then at the end, he'll make a key play that changes the outcome. So, it's him all the way as far as I'm concerned. Now, I don't want to take away from Tom Coughlin. He's one of the top coaches as far as I'm concerned. He was on our staff one summer down here when we were in San Antonio. But I think I have a lot of respect for him too. So, all those two right there are plenty to be negotiating us as we come up Sunday evening."


IF THE RUNNING GAME IS 2013-ISH, COULD YOU STILL PLAY AT A HIGH LEVEL? --  "Well, I think we have better passing. I think we can -- I'm going to say talent but it's more we have in Romo a quarterback that is so on top of his stuff and we've got more talented receivers than we had really with the evolving of how they've become better as they go along. So, I do know we have better protection. And, so, with that in mind, if anybody lines up here and says we're going to stop the run, and by the way, even with the finest line you can put together, you can stop that run. You have to be able to, and we were able to last year really make the plays offensively with our passing. We have to do that again. And I can see us making the plays passing. Being more limited, just trying to be able to come to our stadium in AT&T [Stadium] and basically prove you boys aren't going to run the ball. I could see a team with this kind of game plan. Don't let them run the ball. No matter what. They'll get frustrated. They'll get to throwing, and they may not have been as used to that because of last year. Well, that's where we got to show them we know how to throw the ball."

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