Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones on Dez Bryant, Running Backs, Injuries, and $4 Billion

Cowboys boss Jerry Jones joins our boys Shan & RJ every Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. Jerry gave updates on Dez, Ron Leary, what the running game should look like, and... being told to pay his bills? Here's the Q&A between The Fan hosts and the $4-billion man:

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? -- "Just still smiling from that victory the other night. Of course, we are tempering that by the fact that Dez is going to have to be gone for several weeks and that is an obvious concern. And that will be the real focus of things around here certainly throughout this week in terms of can we do any good personnel wise from outside to help us out there."

HOW LONG FOR DEZ? -- "Well, it takes a bone six weeks to fully recover. And we've had players that, with foot injuries, did not wait until the six-week period of time before they were functional and before they were able to play. He will be able to be conditioning, things of that nature as early as two to three weeks into his rehab. And, so, the facts are it's just that. No one knows. It has to do with the individual. The repair went well. So, Dez is of course Superman when it comes to being physical, but on the other hand, we want it to repair well. We'll just see how it goes. But the facts are your bone heals and is enhanced, the healing period of time, is enhanced by a screw. Now, I don't meant to sound like Dr. [inaudible], but I don't mean to sound that way. But I am interested in this particular bone and this particular screw."

IS IT A JONES FRACTURE? -- "Well, I don't even know what a Jones fracture is. If we name something that is broke or has had to be fixed before, call it Jones."

DID YOU SEE DEZ'S CELEBRATION? -- "I was a part of it when we were coming down the hall. It shows his natural spontaneous, just complete enthusiasm for the game and for his teammates. And there he was certainly as excited as anybody could be. And he knew what the win meant. And he had been well informed by our doctors, so he knew what was ahead for him. But by the same token, he's a valuable part of our team, both when he's out there and when he's not."

ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT DEZ BEING OUT? -- "Well, I'm just disappointed, but the thing is I guess I've been in football since I was five years old. And, so, I've always known that you never get the hand to play with that you've got on paper and you're always having to make adjustments. And that's what this is. And we, to get where we want to go, we're going to have to be making them. I love Barry Switzer's great quote. And he was talking to the team and he said, 'Pretend I'm a master on the old wagon train and I'm the master. And we're all starting in the east and we're all lined up with these wagons and I tell people, the people that are out there on that train, some of us are going to die. Some of us are going to be born. We're going to use some of these wagons and float the Mississippi River. We're going to burn some of them for firewood. The train is going to get there. I hope you are one of them on it. I want to be on it too. So, let's get there with the train.'"

WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT ROMO'S FINAL DRIVE? -- "I just think that, again, it just is a rewarding feeling for him to show what a competitor that he is. He is his best. We talk about the definition of a competitor. We think we know it when we've seen it. But when you see a great one, when you see one that just absolutely will rise to his finest the bigger the challenge, then it is absolutely something to just sit back and just enjoy. And, of course, Tony Romo is that. And the higher the challenger, the stronger the odds, the better chance you got to see him really do some exceptional play. And he lives for that. And what is something is that drive at the end, that was not something that they put together in the dirt out there or just in the huddle. They had practiced that, and I'll bet you Tony Romo has gone over the machinations and the formations and the possibilities in that drive. I bet he's gone over that thing hundreds of time in his life, and I'm not exaggerating. He's ready for this."

LATEST ON GREGORY AND RON LEARY? -- "Randy's is a high ankle sprain. Of course, Randy is to be playing at the level and to be the player he is, he's exceptionally young. And, so, that's got a lot going for him in this particular case. Those high ankle sprains just need a certain amount of time and everybody's different. So, we're hopeful that his will be a quicker healing high ankle sprain or he'll be able to operate on it sooner than later. But he'll certainly be out this week."

WILL LA'EL COLLINS BE ACTIVE? -- "Yes, we sure might. Very likely. That depends on Leary. Leary really played well. It's likely that some of the plays that he was out that he could have been. Mackenzy really came in and played well. But Leary could and did play just exceptionally well. So, I don't want to predict what that -- I don't know what that might mean, but he could give it a try this weekend, Leary I'm talking about."

DO RANDLE AND MCFADDEN NEED TO GET BETTER? -- "Well, we really were in our two-minute drill inordinately a lot in the entire game. We were in our two-minute drill formations and mode four times during the ballgame. To give you an idea, two-minute does not feature the running game as we would normally define it. The facts are as that game went, apart from that first drive, we departed from the way that you'll hopefully see the Cowboys play. Now, every game, we'll have to make adjustments for what happens and other things could happen. But, for instance, I think Randle got about 10 or 15 or 16 carries, but you will probably see him in a normal game, and one that didn't go the way that one went, you'd probably see him up there at 22, 23, 24 carries. And you would have had more carries from McFadden. I think if you had seen more carries for those guys, you'd see what we see and that is that, first of all, they did play very well. And we saw some things that they can do better. But we certainly saw some things that we really want to encourage in our offense. And, so, we really like we gave our running game, push-ahead running game, a good grade for this ballgame. If the game goes the way we plan for it to go which we can dictate by the running game, then you'll see more carries from all those backs. Of course you saw Dunbar what's ahead there potentially there for Dunbar out of the backfield. And you also saw -- I hope you noticed the one play that we had McFadden when McFadden took the pass over the middle and he was dead even or maybe even a step behind the linebacker and made the sideline and turned the corner on him. Now, that's nothing but sheer speed. And that puts fear in defenses in the NFL. And that's the kind of thing we want to use McFadden for."

DID YOU SEE THE EAGLES GAME? -- "Yeah. I watched every play, and I was really impressed overall. And they're formidable offensively. And I certainly thought the quarterback played well for his first outing. But I was impressed all the way, but I must say I was pretty impressed with Atlanta as well. Certainly they're going to be really a big challenge for us this weekend, especially with us going up there without Dez and with where we are. On the other hand, I do think that early Atlanta showed they could run the ball on them and did, which is good. And, again, certainly Romo adds a dimension to what we can do that possibly we didn't see there last night. So, I'm ready to play.

DO YOU APPRECIATE CHIP KELLY? -- "I would not in any way just because someone is different. As a matter of fact, I would say that generally speaking when you've got a league. Let's just say specifically the NFL. And everything about the NFL is directed toward everybody toward the middle. It's so that the best teams that have the best year get the lesser players because you draft last or they got the last pecking order on free agency. But anyway, the whole league is built so that if you had a good year, you give the ones that didn't a better chance and then you got to operate with a ad valorum behind your back. With that in mind, when you are directed toward the middle, then I would say unconventional thinking really has a place. And I wouldn't say that you make decisions that are out of step just to be making them out of step. But I would say that be careful about being relegated to the rut or to the ditch because you will find yourself in that .500 range. And if you look at the NFL and you really look at the years as they can go by, you better be careful. You'll get in real close to that .500 range. There won't be over a five, six-year period sometimes four, five-ballgame different in being in that range. Now, you've got some exceptions, and when you do, it usually points to someone that's out of step or has got something a little special. For instance, there's no question that New England and what they've been able to do with the awareness of their philosophy, their coach, their use of their quarterback and all of that have let them stay out of that .500 range. It's to be admired."

DID YOU THINK $4 BILLION WAS POSSIBLE? -- "No. As a matter of fact, and I really, you know that I couldn't and I don't know many that can, really get your hand around what $4 billion really is. And I know, just like we all do, what $20 is and what $100 is. And the life we all live is, after a certain point, not too much different than that. You can only drive one car. You can only put on one pair of shoes. And, so, the point is what it is I think it's a credit to the NFL. I think it's for us to be the highest in the world, but I think it certainly is a credit to really the aura and the enthusiasm and the fans and just the cache of the Cowboys. And there's a place we are in sports. There's a place we are in our society today and certainly the NFL is substantive and it's really good to know that if someone is going to take the time to evaluate -- those guys, by the way, are pretty thorough in their evaluation. They've got quite a system in place. The bottom line is it's a compliment and I hope the fans will look at it that way. I don't obviously ever even pretend to understand or look to see what $4 billion is like."

DID GENE ASK FOR THE CREDIT CARD WHEN THE STORY CAME OUT? -- "You've heard me tell the story about getting those credit cards cut up about 15 years before I bought the Cowboys. You guys have heard it ad nauseum, but I arrived at Love Field, young man there about 31, 32 years old and handed my credit card over here at Love Field. Lady went down a list, reached down, cut it in two, said, 'Young man, you need to learn how to pay your bills.' Now, that's a little rugged day in Dallas, Texas."


Cornerback Morris Claiborne joined "G-Bag Nation" on The Fan and host Gavin Dawson asked for the four-year pro's thoughts when Eli Manning threw the ball out of bounds on third-and-goal from the 1-yard line. Mo really didn't seem to care what decision the Giants offense made on third down:

"Our whole mindset was getting the ball back for the offense. We know we have Tony Romo on our team and he can work some magic. We just wanted to get the ball back, keep those guys out of the end zone, and give our offense a chance to go down and score. That's what we did as a whole entire unit. That's what our whole mindset was: just get this ball back, no matter what we have to do to get the ball back for them. We have to get the ball back."

The defense hopes to get the ball back many times as the Cowboys take on the Eagles Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Stadium. Keep CowboysHQ bookmarked as practice begins tomorrow as Dallas prepares for another divisional foe.

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