Philadelphia Eagles RB DeMarco Murray: In His Own Words on Facing Dallas Cowboys

Hear from the former Cowboys running back now turned Eagles star ... uncut. The 2014 league-leader in rushing yards in his own words about the game, his former teammates, and which Cowboy helped him become a better player.

Here's the Cowboy-turned-Eagle DeMarco Murray on a conference call from Philly with the Dallas media on Wednesday. CHQ presents the entire conversation, in DeMarco's own unedited words:

HOW ARE YOU APPROACHING THIS GAME? -- "I'm approaching it as any other game. I'm not looking at it as facing the Cowboys. I'm going through my normal routine, my normal preparation and not trying to do anything extra to worry about anything I don't have to worry about. Just preparing like I always prepare for any other game."


EASIER SAID THAN DONE? -- "Not at all. Like I said, how I've always been. I don't get too high or waste a lot of energy on things I can't control. And I'm just calm and kind of decisive and ready to work hard and prepare the way I should prepare."

WILL YOU BE GLAD WHEN THIS ONE'S OVER? -- "Like I said, this is a normal game for me. I'm not paying attention to what's being said on the outside. I don't worry about the guys in the locker room and the organization as a whole, worrying about what people are saying and how you should play this. It's in the past. I'm over it. I think a lot of people are over it. We just got to continue the way we should prepare.''

WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF MONDAY NIGHT? -- "Obviously the Falcons are a good team and we weren't obviously on the same page on some things. And offensively we got to better in the run game point blank. And we'll continue to work hard on that. We got to get more opportunities to run the ball. Came out the second half and played a lot better, got a lot of guys making plays and came out firing. So, that was a big sign for us, and we'll learn from the things we didn't do well and grow from things we did do well."

DID YOU DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT THIS OFF-SEASON? -- "No, I didn't. I did the same thing I did for eight years in the summer and just working out the way I've always done. But I haven't done anything differently."

HOW HARD WAS IT TO LEAVE DALLAS? -- "Those guys are friends of mine. Football, at the end of the day, is something that we do. But outside of football, they're friends and I respect the decision. I'm sure they respect the decision I made, but I moved on. I'm sure they moved on. It is what it is."

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE FRIENDS DURING THE SEASON? -- "I think that's between us. We're not going to talk about what we do, say, or whatever. But when the season starts, it's hard to talk to anyone because you're so busy."

WHAT'S YOUR BEST COWBOY MEMORY? -- "Best memory I had? Just obviously making it to the playoffs and winning the Detroit game."


WHAT'S YOUR IMPRESSION OF CHIP KELLY? -- "Obviously a great offensive coordinator, a great guy. He's someone that leads the team very well. He's just someone who doesn't have to do a lot of talking. Our preparation speaks for itself. Our game plans and how we approach things speak for themselves. And I think as the leader of the team he leads us the right way vocally and mentally. So, I think he has us playing together selflessly and playing together the right way."

REACTION TO DEZ GOING DOWN? -- "Obviously you wish him the best. He's a great player, great guy. Whenever anyone gets hurt, especially a guy like that, you never wish that upon him. You kind of pray for him. I know he'll work hard to get back out on the field, but I'm sure they'll find different ways to make up for his loss."

HOW DID SEAN LEE HELP YOU BE A BETTER PLAYER? -- "He's just a very, very smart guy. Obviously picking his brain on what linebackers are thinking on different situations, whether it be run looks or being in man. And I think we fed off each other and I was able to learn a lot from him and other guys on the team. I'm happy he's back on the field playing well, and I wish him nothing but the best."

HOW DID WITTEN HELP YOU DEVELOP? -- "Witt's a great. He's a student of the game. He probably could be a head coach for an NFL team right now with as much knowledge as he has for the game and all the things he's been through. But he's someone who obviously is a great guy on and off the field. And he's a true professional, and I think that's one of the things that I took from him showing up on Sundays, showing up through the course of the week as well making sure you're working hard. Making sure you know what you're doing resting up. And at the end of the day, having people rely on you when they call your number. And I think that's Witt. And I think he's someone that you try to pick his brain on everything. I had a great relationship with him. Stil do, and I think he's a great guy."


ARE YOU SURPRISED WHAT PHILLY FANS THINK OF DALLAS? -- "I've never been one to read or listen to what other people are saying. Obviously there's some type of hatred on both sides. I've been on the other side and being here, kind of whispers here and there. But I think that's with any rival. I don't think that's just with the Cowboys. I think the Redskins and the Cowboys, the Giants and the Eagles. I just think this whole division there is a lot of hatred going around. It's a little crazy, but it is what it is. Obviously, from an individual standpoint, you can't get too caught up in all of that."

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