Cowboys 100: Facts and Figures for Philadelphia Eagles

The Cowboys are traveling to Philadelphia to face the Eagles, and we have the facts you need to know! How does Jason Garrett get his team's ready for divisional road games? Who was the last Cowboys running back to have 100 yards against the Eagles? Is there a "blue jersey curse"? We have that and more, so check out our facts!



The Cowboys have only ever opened up their series against the Eagles with a win 29/43 times. 15/29 of those initial wins came in Philadelphia.


This is the 37th time in club history that the Cowboys have started 1-0. 25/36 times the Cowboys made the playoffs compared to 6/19 Dallas teams that failed to win on Opening Day.


The last time the Cowboys started off 2-0 was 2008. In club history, 20/24 of those teams ended up qualifying for the postseason.


The Eagles have started off 0-1 46/83 times in club history. The Eagles made the playoffs 9/46 of those times.


The last time the Eagles started 0-2 was 2007. In club history, 3/16 of the teams that started off 0-2 made the playoffs, the last being the 2003 Eagles who qualified for the NFC Championship game.


The Cowboys are 24-25 in late afternoon games in the Eastern Time Zone.


The Cowboys are 125-123-2 when playing on grass on the road.


The Eagles are 27-21 in late afternoon games.


The Cowboys are 8-1 in road games in the NFC East since 2012. Their lone loss was a “play-in” game at Washington on Dec. 30, 2012. It is tied with the Indianapolis Colts’ 8-1 mark against the AFC South on the road for second-best in that span. The Denver Broncos top the list with a 9-0 record against the AFC West on the road since 2012.


The Cowboys are 9-6 all-time against Philadelphia in September, but are currently on a two-game losing streak in Philadelphia. Their last win was on Sept. 30, 1996.


The Dallas Cowboys are 27-26 against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road. Here is the breakdown by venue:


Franklin Field: 4-6

Veterans Stadium: 16-15

Lincoln Financial Field: 7-5




The Eagles are wearing their white jerseys Sunday, thus forcing Dallas into wearing their road blues. The Cowboys are 6-11 against the Eagles in their road blues. Here are the results:


1971 – 42-7 – W

1973 – 16-30 – L

1980 – 7-20 – L

1983 – 27-20 – W

1985 – 14-16 – L

1986 – 17-14 – W

1987 – 20-37 – L

1988 – 23-24 – L

1989 – 10-20 – L

1991 – 25-13 – W

1992 – 7-31 – L

1993 – 23-10 – W

1999 – 10-13 – L

2001 – 18-40 – L

2006 – 24-38 – L

2007 – 38-17 – W

2014 – 10-33 – L



Last season, the Cowboys compiled a 2-1 record while wearing their road blues, including their 33-10 defeat at the hands of the Eagles on Thanksgiving.


The Cowboys are 62-64-1 all-time in their blue jerseys.






Sunday night was just the second time in Romo’s career that he did not sustain a sack on Opening Day.


After having only been sacked once in Week 2 games from 2007-10, Romo has been sacked nine times from 2011-14.


Romo is 9-6 against the Eagles with five of those wins being earned at Lincoln Financial Field.


In the first game of a series against the Eagles, Romo is 5-2.


The Eagles defense dropped Romo seven times through two games last season. It was the most by any opponent.


Philadelphia sacked Romo four times on Thanksgiving last year. It was the second-most sacks against Romo in a single game for 2014.


Romo is 10-5 in the Cowboys’ road blue jerseys. Currently, he is tied with Troy Aikman for the second-most wins while Danny White sits atop the list with 12.



Romo has a 97.5 passer rating in the road blue jerseys. He goes 20/30 for 243 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.



Romo’s six 300-yard games against the Eagles, including playoffs, is the most in Cowboys team history.



Dallas is 6-0 when Romo has 300-plus yards against the Eagles. Here is how he fares against the rest of the division when throwing 300-plus yards:


Philadelphia: 6-0

New York: 3-3

Washington: 0-2



Since 2013, Romo has only had six 300-yard passing games compared to the Eagles quarterbacks who have combined for 12.



Romo was 5-8 with Murray out of the lineup with a passer rating of 79.3.



This is only the second game since 2010 that Romo will play without Dez Bryant. The other one was a 27-24 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sept. 18, 2011.


Sunday night was the second game-winning touchdown pass Romo has thrown to Jason Witten, the most of any of his receivers. The other game was Dec. 9, 2007 at Detroit when Dallas won 28-27.


Since 2013, no one has sacked Romo more than Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry with four, though safety Brandon Meriweather and linebacker Nick Roach have matched this total.







As a Dallas Cowboy at Lincoln Financial Field, Murray had a 5.3 yards per carry and scored a touchdown on average. His total stats were 28 carries for 147 yards and a touchdown through two games.


This is the first day game Murray will play at Lincoln Financial Field. The past two have only been on Sunday Night Football.


Last week, Murray carried the ball eight times for nine yards and a touchdown in the Eagles’ 26-24 loss to the Falcons. The eight carries were the third-fewest of his career while playing a complete game.


Murray’s nine rushing yards were the lowest of his career while playing a complete game. In fact, the three games in Murray’s career where he left due to injury were better games statistically:


2011 – NYG – 5 carries, 25 yards

2012 – @Ravens – 14 carries, 93 yards

2013 – WAS – 7 carries, 29 yards



Murray’s 1.1 yards per carry last week in Atlanta technically is not the worst of his career. On Sept. 11, 2011, Murray carried the ball twice for zero yards against the New York Jets as a rookie.



As a Cowboy, Murray was 0-3 without Romo under center. He carried the ball 39 times for 186 yards with a 4.8 yards per carry.


The last time Murray wore blue jerseys for the Cowboys was against his future team on Thanksgiving last season.


Murray never had a 100-yard game against the Eagles through five games.


Murray’s first career start was against the Eagles on Oct. 30, 2011.






Garrett is 9-5 in the month of September.


Garrett is 8-5 in the first games of a series against NFC East foes with a 3-1 record on the road.


Garrett has an 18-11 record against the NFC East with an 11-3 record on the road.


This is the seventh back-to-back division swing of Garrett’s career. Here is how he fared when facing NFC East teams in consecutive weeks:


2010 – PHI (L), WAS (W)

2011 – PHI (L), @NYG (L)

2012 – WAS (L), PHI (W)

2013 – WAS (W), @PHI (W)

2014 – NYG (W), WAS (L)

2014 – @NYG (W), PHI (L)



Garrett’s teams are 2-2 in road openers.


Garrett owns a 5-5 record against the Eagles. Here is how he compares to other Cowboys coaches where applicable:


Jason Garrett: 5-5

Jimmy Johnson: 4-6

Tom Landry: 2-8



Garrett is 2-2 in Week 2 games with every one of them being on the road.


Since 2013, Garrett’s quarterbacks have combined for 73 touchdown passes, tied with New Orleans for the second-most in that span behind Denver’s 95.






Kelly is 4-4 in September.


Kelly’s quarterbacks have combined to throw 60 touchdown passes since 2013, the 10th-most in the span.


Kelly is 1-1 in home openers.


The Cowboys are the first NFC team that Kelly will open against at home.


Kelly has started four different quarterbacks 2013.


Kelly has yet to beat the Cowboys at home.


Kelly is the first Eagles head coach since Joe Kuharich to start off his first three season openers 2-1.


The fifth and sixth-lowest total yards games of the Kelly era have come against the Cowboys in Philadelphia: Dec. 14, 2014 (294) and Oct. 20, 2014 (278).


Under Kelly, the Eagles have had the fourth-most turnovers since 2013 with 57.


Since 2013, Kelly’s Eagles have had the lowest number of total time of possession at 14 hours, 58 minutes, and 43 seconds.








Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are calling Sunday’s action for FOX. This will be the 11th game between the two teams the broadcasters have done. Here are the results:


2003 – Cowboys at Eagles – 36-10 PHI

2004 – Cowboys at Eagles – 12-7 PHI

2005 – Eagles at Cowboys – 33-10 DAL

2006 – Cowboys at Eagles – 38-24 PHI

2007 – Eagles at Cowboys – 10-6 PHI

2008 – Cowboys at Eagles – 44-6 PHI

2009 – Eagles at Cowboys – 24-0 DAL

2011 – Eagles at Cowboys – 20-7 PHI

2012 – Cowboys at Eagles – 38-23 DAL

2014 – Eagles at Cowboys – 33-10 PHI



Joe Buck has called 10 blue jersey Cowboys games. Dallas is 4-6.


Troy Aikman has called 11 blue jersey Cowboys games. Dallas is 4-7. Aikman himself was 10-14 while wearing them as the Cowboys quarterback.



Last year, including postseason, the Cowboys went 7-4 on FOX. Since 1994, when FOX began broadcasting NFL games, the Cowboys have gone 115-105 on the network, including playoffs.


Pat Summerall has called the most games between Philadelphia and Dallas with 24 over his career with CBS and FOX.




The first regular season match-up between the Eagles and Cowboys on Sept. 30, 1960 – a Friday night – was not televised.








Tony Corrente is the referee for Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Eagles. Since 2000, Dallas is 4-6 when Corrente officiates. Here are the results:


2000 – MIN, 15-27 – L

2001 — @SEA, 3-29 – L

2004 — NO, 13-27 – L

2005 — Rams, 10-20 – L

2006 — WAS, 27-10 – W

2009 — CAR, 21-7 – W

2010 — @WAS, 7-13 – L

2010 — @PHI, 14-13 – W

2013 – NYG, 36-31 – W

2014 – WAS, 17-20 – L-OT




Since 2000, the Cowboys have had fewer penalties than their opponents 4/10 times. Here is the breakdown:


2000 — MIN: 4/21; DAL: 5/45

2001 — SEA: 0/0; DAL: 6/70

2004 — NO: 9/136; DAL: 11/76

2005 — Rams: 7/40; DAL: 10/78

2006 — WAS: 11/117; DAL: 9/90

2009 — CAR: 6/60; DAL: 9/80

2010 — WAS: 5/42; DAL: 12/81

2010 — PHI: 4/40; DAL: 6/45

2013 – NYG: 6/52; DAL: 5/40

2014 – WAS: 6/45; DAL: 3/35




While Corrente has yet to officiate a game for 2015, here is the home team winning perctage totals thus far:


Ed Hochuli: 1.000

Walt Anderson: 1.000

Terry McAulay: 1.000

Clete Blakeman: 1.000

Bill Vinovich: 1.000

Jerome Boger: 1.000

John Parry: 1.000

Craig Wrolstad: .000

Gene Steratore: 1.000

Carl Cheffers: 1.000

Jeff Triplette: 1.000

Tony Corrente: N/A

Walt Coleman: .000

Brad Allen: .000

Pete Morelli: .000

John Hussey: .000

Ron Torbert: .000




Here are the totals for percentage of times the home team has had fewer penalties:



Brad Allen: 1.000

Clete Blakeman: 1.000

Bill Vinovich: 1.000

Walt Anderson: 1.000

Terry McAulay: 1.000

Jerome Boger: 1.000

Craig Wrolstad: 1.000

Jeff Triplette: 1.000

Carl Cheffers: 1.000

Tony Corrente: N/A

Gene Steratore: .000

Walt Coleman: .000

John Parry: .000

Pete Morelli: .000

Ed Hochuli: .000

John Hussey: .000

Ron Torbert: .000




The Eagles are 5-7-1 when Corrente referees their games. Here are the results:



1999 – @NYG, 15-16 – L

2000 – @GB, 3-6 – L

2001 – @SF, 3-13 – L

2004 – Ravens, 15-10 – W

2005 – @NYG, 17-27 – L

2008 – @CIN, 13-13 – T

2008 – @MIN, 26-14 – W

2009 – @CHI, 24-20 – W

2010 – DAL, 13-14 – L

2012 – @PIT, 14-16 – L

2012 – @NYG, 7-42 – L

2013 – Cardinals, 24-21 – W

2014 – WAS, 37-34 – W




The Eagles have had fewer penalties than their opponents 7/13 times under Corrente:



1999 – NYG: 5/51; PHI: 6/35

2000 – GB: 5/31; PHI: 12/115

2001 – SF: 3/15; PHI: 11/109

2004 – Ravens: 6/91; PHI: 8/72

2005 – NYG: 6/58; PHI: 7/105

2008 – CIN: 4/35; PHI: 8/60

2008 – MIN: 4/25; PHI: 7/55

2009 – CHI: 7/64; PHI: 8/46

2010 – DAL: 6/45; PHI: 4/40

2012 – PIT: 9/106; PHI: 5/35

2012 – NYG: 1/5; PHI: 6/52

2013 – Cardinals: 6/55; PHI: 5/48

2014 – WAS: 10/131; PHI: 9/70




When Corrente has officiated Cowboys games, the Cowboys are 0/3 on coaches challenges compared to opponents being 1/1. However, while Replay Assistant is also 0/4, all of those calls benefited Dallas.


Under Corrente, the Eagles are 5/6 on coaches challenges while opponents are 2/5. Replay Assistant is 1/6 with only one call benefitting Philadelphia.


In the 2011 season, Corrente underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments to treat his throat cancer. Corrente only missed Weeks 13 through 15 of the season.





The last ex-Cowboys running back to get 80 yards or more against Dallas was Herschel Walker on Oct. 5, 1992 when he helped the Eagles beat the Cowboys on Monday Night Football with 86 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries in a 31-7 victory.


This is the fifth-straight Week 2 game the Cowboys have played on the road.


The Cowboys sacked Mark Sanchez four times in the clubs’ Dec. 14 meeting last year. It was the most sacks Dallas had in a single game for 2014.


The Cowboys five sacks through two games against the Eagles was the second-most against an opponent last season. Washington topped the list with six.


Dallas has knocked out the Eagles starting quarterback in two of their last three meetings. Last year, Sanchez finished the game without having to leave. The other two signal callers were Michael Vick (2012) and Nick Foles (2013).


This will be the first game that Dez Bryant has missed since Sept. 18, 2011 at San Francisco. Dallas beat the 49ers 27-24 in overtime.


The Cowboys are 3-2 without Dez Bryant. The only two players to have 100-yard receiving games without Bryant in the lineup were Jason Witten (twice) and Miles Austin (twice).


Witten has played against the Eagles the most with 191 plays. He has caught 75 first downs against them.


Tight end Gavin Escobar has not been targeted in a game against the Eagles since Dec. 29, 2013 when he caught a 17-yard touchdown from quarterback Kyle Orton.


The last Dallas player to rush for 100 yards against the Eagles was Felix Jones with 148 and a touchdown on 16 attempts in the 2009 NFC Wildcard.


On Oct. 20, 2013 when a rookie Joseph Randle filled in for an injured DeMarco Murray, the fifth-rounder galloped for 65 yards on 19 carries at Philadelphia in a 17-3 Cowboys win.


Lance Dunbar had eight catches for 70 yards. The last Cowboys running back to log eight or more catches was Murray on Dec. 4, 2014 at Chicago. Murray caught nine passes for 49 yards.


Dunbar’s 70 receiving yards were the most by a Cowboys running back since Oct. 27, 2014 when Murray had 80 yards on four receptions against Washington.


Tyrone Crawford notched his first sack of the season last week, bringing his career total to four. His other three came against the Eagles last season.


Linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, safeties J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church, and cornerback Brandon Carr have each recorded a pick against the Eagles since 2013.


Brandon Carr has had a pick against an Eagles quarterback in two of the past three games at Lincoln Financial Field.


Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford was 0-1 against the Cowboys while with the St. Louis Rams. In his lone contest on Sept. 22, 2013, Bradford went 29/48 for 240 yards, one touchdown, and took six sacks for an 80.2 passer rating.


The Cowboys were sacked Bradford were DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher, George Selvie, Orlando Scandrick, and Kyle Wilber. Only Wilber is on the active roster.


Bradford has a 74.9 passer rating against Tampa-2 defenses in his career. He averages 22/40 for 229 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and three sacks.


Bradford posted a 77.1 passer rating Monday night at Atlanta. It was his third-worst Week 1 passer rating of his career.


Last Monday night was the first time Bradford posted one touchdown and two interceptions in a game.


Despite the loss, Bradford’s 336 yards were the third-most passing yards of his career.


Bradford is 2-2 in home openers in his career.


The Eagles franchise leader for most 100-yard games against the Cowboys is LeSean McCoy with four.


Since 2000, the Cowboys have had three 100-yard rushers against the Eagles while Philadelphia has had nine against Dallas.


Dan Bailey is a perfect 3/3 at Lincoln Financial Field.


Last week was the second-most field goals that Bailey booted to start a season opener at 2/2. The most is 3/3 kicked on Sept. 8, 2013 at home against the New York Giants.


Eagles kicker Cody Parkey is 17/18 at Lincoln Financial Field.


Since 2013, Eagles opponents have combined for 234 penalties, the third-most in that timeframe. The 2,001 yards is the fourth-most in that span.


Lincoln Financial Field is 1/9 stadiums across the league to have the word “field” in its name.


The Cowboys are 5-1 on 9/20. Here are the results:


1964 – WAS, 24-18 – W

1970 – @PHI, 17-7 – W

1987 – @NYG, 16-14 – W

1992 – Cardinals, 31-20 – W

1999 – ATL, 24-7 – W

2009 – NYG, 31-33 – L


The Cowboys have one birthday to celebrate on Sept. 20, and that is cornerback Carl Howard born in 1961. Howard played his rookie season of 1984 for Dallas before sustaining a season-ending injury against the Buffalo Bills.


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