Jerry Jones Takes Tony Romo For The Win

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones joined our soldiers in the "G-Bag Nation" Friday morning and let it all hang out: not only would Jerry take Romo over 31 other QB's, but it would be his biggest failure as owner if the Cowboys failed to win a Super Bowl with #9. Check out the rest of Jerry being Jerry!

HOW ARE YOU FEELING? -- "First of all, kind of like how we felt going into Seattle last year. We got a big time challenge. We all saw them play this week, and, boy, I was impressed. That last half against Atlanta, they did some good things defensively, but I thought their quarterback really, even though he was called on to make a lot of throws, I thought he protected that ball really good, which is what he's got to do to have them win. And we know they've got all those weapons. It's the same thing. Everything knows what they've got, but still, they're formidable and they're obviously that we're going to have to find a way to deal with if we're going to get where we want to go this year."

WHO IS THE GUY FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS AT WR? -- "Well, first of all, let's ask ourselves: do all the ones that have a chance to get the ball, can they catch the ball? And everybody we got out there that has a chance to see the ball can really catch the ball. They've caught, as it would turn out, Williams, who has had the extra work through the training camp. You've heard about that all week. But they can catch the ball. Now, right there is the prerequisite for success. They're going to have done their work. They're going to know their routes. They know very well how much each route depends on the other one running his route. So, really, when I analyze it, when I look at their work, not only during training camp but before training camp, I think we have a good chance to have guys in position for Romo to really do well with."

WHO IS THE BIGGER CONCERN: MURRAY OR SPROLES? -- "I think when you weigh them both, we know what DeMarco can do. And he's got that gear outside. He's got that power. He's got that run-them-up-in-there. He'll butt you real good, fool around a minute or two, and then he'll break on to the outside. He got more yards after contact than I care to think about. And he's just going to be really everything that I think. He's healthy. Why shouldn't he be everything that he was with us last year? And then, of course, Sproles, I always thought he was just one of the premier playmakers in the NFL. I know that Norv Turner said that when he left San Diego, he said really, when he looked back after he wasn't there and he saw him, he said it really made more of a significant difference than you might think Sproles would make. So, he's a difference maker. I would put him on par."

IF LEARY DOESN'T GO, WHO DOES? -- "Bernadeau is getting a lot of work and Collins is getting some work as well. And, so, let's first of all don't dismiss Leary. Leary's out there. We'll see how he works this morning, but I don't want to get ahead of it. Leary, who really, the way after he was playing even after he had incurred his strain, the way he was playing he probably could have finished the game. So, let's see how that goes. We'll probably have active, plenty of backup there so we've got plenty of options during the game."

COULD SUNDAY BE RANDLE'S BREAKOUT PERFORMANCE? -- "We need it to be his 'breakout performance.' Frankly, and you shouldn't poo-poo, and I haven't heard a lot of talk about it. Have y'all talked about a little bit about that one-handed catch he made on that sideline? Have y'all given that its due? Usually I listen to every word you say. And if I miss it, I have it recorded and have it read back to me. But seriously, that play was about as natural but instinctive and gives you an idea he knew exactly where he needed to be. And he knew exactly how he had to put himself in position after he received the ball. And, so, listen, he's got all the talent. And I'm talking about for an every-down running back. He's got all the talent you could ever hope to be. I have two or three people I respect probably more than anybody in the Big XII when we drafted him, he was the best back in the Big XII."

HOW DO YOU SEE PLAY-ACTION BEING EFFECTIVE? -- "I wouldn't dare to talk about what we're going to be doing this week relative to, because I think we're going to our whole portfolio. I really do. And you can just work on so many plays. But, still, we put a lot of things in that Tony has the ability to go get during a ballgame that we put in during the fall. So, certainly play-action is significant for us and will be and certainly with these backs having caught the ball the way they did last week. I think it would be really a surprise if we didn't make Philadelphia practice. I know they've had to practice against it all week, but see it early in the ballgame so they've got to stand pat and play defense for it."

IS LANCE DUNBAR A PASS-CATCHER? -- "I don't think so. I can see him in one-back. No, I probably don't see him in short yardage, but the facts are I do see him in one-back sets. And I think we've got a good chance to have a play that getting him outside. He's obviously a premier pass-receiver coming out of the backfield. But because he's in the backfield, he's got to be able to keep them honest.

HOW'S THE DL DEPTH GOING TO HOLD UP? -- "Well, the real advantage is you have with a Rod Marinelli-coached team is that the amount of work that all of his down lineman have gotten. And that's where you're asking your question in my view is: how about that rotation in there and is there a rotation? And the answer is yes. And I think this is where his style pays off in a game like this. And I think we're going to see some guys really get a chance to have staying fresh to really come in and excel. We know Ryan Russell can make a big play. We know he can, our rookie from Perdue. The question is: is he going to be on his good highlight or is he going to be on the bad highlight tape in terms of how he looked in college. He got more consistent, is more consistent, is more well aware of his inconsistency. And when he's consistent, he really gives us some edge there. And, so, I'm anxious to see him get some snaps.

WILL DEZ TRAVEL WITH THE TEAM? -- "I don't know about that. Let's see how that goes. We want to be sure that we give him every chance to rehab. And you could argue that maybe he could rehab better with the team than without the team, but we'll see how that goes. That has a mixed bag relative to what's the best way to do that for an injured player."

HOW GOOD IS ROMO? -- "Let's don't spend a lot of our time talking about the narrative, although we are all aware of what you're talking about when you say 'the narrative.' Tony is really is good. And I've said this. I want to restate it: if he should go through a career with the Cowboys and not have knocked on the door one -- I'm going to go as far as say won a Super Bowl, it would be my biggest disappointment having owned this team. He is a quarterback that can win Super Bowls. He is a franchise quarterback. I really would not, I really would not, for what we've got ahead of us. He's who I want as opposed to a choice throughout the league."

"Yes, I know that it is. It's not hyperbole either. I really mean it. He's got skills and his ability to read defenses, his ability to read them impromptu plus be able to obviously make some plays that aren't there. All of those things, plus his experience now, which we're seeing is that experience. But with these last two or three seasons, it's unfortunate he's had that injury season, or injury seasons, really over the last five or six years. But still, we're getting the best of him now, and the best of him is probably, in my mind, the best there is."

DO YOU GET NERVOUS WHEN THE PLAY CLOCK WINDS DOWN? -- "Yes, I do, but I don't know why I do because he doesn't miscue that much. And the only thing that I look at, which I credit to the discipline of our team, is I look at the longer before you take that snap, the closer you get, the sensitivity, all the offensive linemen, the rest of the offense has that sensitivity and I look at movement on our side of the ball."

CAN YOU SEE T.O. GETTING INTO HOF IN '16? -- "Yes, he's deserved it. He's deserved it. He, a great player, made a difference, made big differences, made big differences on outstanding teams. Yes, he certainly deserves it."

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