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NFL Week Three Power Rankings

The NFL steamrolls into Week 3 and what better way to kick it off than to preview the hot games on the calendar and do a little power ranking bear-poking.

RankTeamLast WeekNotes
1 Green Bay Packers 1 Packers fans be like: I own 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent of the best franchise in football.
2 New England Patriots 2 Double middle finger season in full effect. Hide your kids.
3 Arizona Cardinals 6 Cards now 10-1 with Arians/Palmer… this is real, desert people.
4 Dallas Cowboys 3 The GWOD II just let a 5 man rush knock the franchise QB out for two months. Can they maintain?
5 Denver Broncos 8 The Broncos would be fine, despite Mannings Air Gun arm, if they didn't keep making him throw on the run.
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 7 What they did to the 49ers was obscene, and now their offense will start getting guys back.
7 Kansas City Chiefs 4 "You blew it. You yacked all over the field. Damn you, Kansas City." - Every gambler.
8 Seattle Seahawks 5 Son, Seattle fans have started a Go Fund Me to break up Russell Wilson and Ciara.
9 Cincinnati Bengals 13 Sure you can play, Marvin. It's still the regular season after all.
10 New York Jets 18 That Todd Bowles defense though.. Man listen… me no want.
11 Atlanta Falcons 17 Sometimes coaches get stale. Apparently no one put Mike Smith back in the fridge.
12 Carolina Panthers 20 No wideout? No problem. Riverboat Ron and SuperCam doing it. For now.
13 Buffalo Bills 12 How many times is Rex Ryan gonna talk that ish then get pummeled by New England?
14 Minnesota Vikings 25 They looked like the team many predicted entering the season, so the bounce back gets a bounce back.
15 St. Louis Rams 9 Wha hapin? Aaron Donald and no one else? Get Gurley out there and then we'll talk.
16 Indianapolis Colts 10 Warned earlier about Luck and these turnovers… 4 more last night. What you mean signing old vets isn't working?
17 Philadelphia Eagles 11 Players with more rushing yards than Demarco Murray include: Marquise Lee, Julian Edelman, Eli Manning, Ryan Mallett.
18 San Diego Chargers 14 Skitzophrenic team, week in week out, year in year out.
19 Miami Dolphins 15 Wait, it's Week 2 and Ndamakong Suh is already acting up? *Grabs popcorn*
20 Detroit Lions 16 Is the Megatron era really over? Few targets Wk 1, only 8 ypc Wk 2… what the what?
21 Baltimore Ravens 19 I'd rather watch a wall of purple paint dry than watch the Ravens play football.
22 New York Giants 22 The Giants are still trying to get a grip on not having JPP, but are afraid to place their finger on the panic button for fear things will explode in the media.
23 New Orleans Saints 21 Help! - Sincerely, Rob Ryan's shirt collar.
24 Tennessee Titans 24 That whole Marcus Mariota will be the greatest rookie quarterback ever fizzled pretty quickly, huh?
25 Washington Footballers 29 The most dysfunctional franchise in the history of sports gets a win, and suddenly their NFC East favorites. Die, ESPN.
26 Jacksonville Jaguars 27 I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching my man Allen Robinson do his Dez Bryant impersonation while 88 is sidelined.
27 Oakland Raiders 31 You still suck, Oakland. But congrats on that win you grabbed.
28 Cleveland Browns 30 Johnny Manziel completed two bombs for touchdowns and six other passes. Six. Sink or swim, Brownies.
29 San Francisco 49ers 23 Lesson here Bay, you come at the King, you betta not miss. Or you better have an entire offseason to game plan around your pitiful roster. One or the other.
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32 Who cares?
31 Houston Texans 26 JJ Watt sleeps with a nightlight.
32 Chicago Bears 28 Listen… this team is going to tank for one of these future superstar quarterbacks. End of discussion.

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