CowboysHQ Film Room: Dissecting Cowboys QB Brandon Weeden's Performance

CHQ's resident X's and O's expert returns to the film room to dissect Brandon Weeden's first afternoon at the helm of the 2015 Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have a position on what happened in Sunday’s 39-28 loss to Atlanta: Brandon Weeden -- as "efficient'' (his words) as he was -- had the permission to go vertical. He missed on some of those opportunities and his teammates fell short in attempting to create some more.  Weeden, for all his success on short stuff, missed badly on seam route to tight end Jason Witten in the third quarter that coaches think could've been a big play. His first-half interception, the coaches say, simply cannot happen.

Part of this is the other team, of course ...

“You have to understand what their style of defense is,” coach Jason Garrett said about the Falcons. “They commit a lot of people to the line of scrimmage and then their corners play high. … Not many people make a lot of big plays [against them]. That’s the style of defense.''

Nevertheless, Garrett added that the opponent's style doesn't completely eliminate chances.


“There were some opportunities to throw the ball outside to the outside receivers that we didn’t take full advantage of,'' Garrett conceded.

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